Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 15

Older Brother’s Amusement

Only objective facts reach me.

My little sister, who should have been trying to avoid the engagement, on the contrary, had the other party fall in love with her and grant her the ‘Royal Flower’.
Immediately following the engagement ceremony, she was brought into the room and locked up by her fiancé.
And, my little sister escaped from that place.

Considering all these facts, I thought even my little sister would feel depressed.

Although I did think I should scold her for her thoughtless actions, fundamentally I wanted to comfort her.

My little sister can no longer escape Freed.

As for the matter with the ‘Royal Flower’, it’s the first time I’ve seen Freed show such an obsession.
He will absolutely not let my little sister go.
If that’s the case, I thought of at least informing her how earnest that guy is and that it’s not a political marriage, but one he wishes for.

My little sister I met for the first time in a while was the same as ever.

Far from being depressed, she was lively and showed no sign of putting up with it.

I was surprised seeing marks of ownership left behind on her neck, but when my little sister was made aware, she only became bashful.

I was let down seeing her state.

What, she doesn’t find it unpleasant?

Freed too, but my little sister has also always hated this engagement.
Although it was about marrying into royalty and not the Crown Prince himself, it’s all the same.
Ultimately, she was caught by Freed, and as a result, even though it’s what she tried to avoid, she’ll marry him and become the Crown Princess.
I thought for sure she’d be dispirited.

Even though she’d been questioned about escaping from Freed, the outcome was she excitedly and recklessly returned “Next time I’ll do it skillfully”.
I think that’s absolutely not what mom tried to say, but as it seemed interesting, I stopped myself from saying that.

However, my little sister who’s confident there’ll be the next time is too interesting.

Despite hinting at Freed’s half a year of relations with women, she didn’t appear to care.
I thought it was because she held no interest in Freed, so I was honestly surprised that it’s simply because she truly doesn’t mind.

It seems when Freed confesses about his condition, she’ll settle it with a brief, I see.
My little sister is too strong.

But, my little sister hates being restricted.
She’s a duke’s daughter, and yet everybody knows that she sneaks away to town in her free time.
This escape too, it must’ve been because she couldn’t endure being locked up in the room.
I didn’t think such little sister could endure the ‘Royal Flower’ that’s like a symbol of obsession.

Ineradicable obsession. What does my younger sister think of being flaunted as somebody’s possession?

Thinking so I asked her, but when she returned ‘stylish tattoo’ I was honestly overwhelmed.
It seems she truly thinks nothing of it.

Then, I finally noticed.
Would that little sister give her chastity to a man she didn’t like?

It seems she hasn’t noticed, but perhaps both of them fell in love at first sight.
When I thought so, I lost strength all at once.
I came because I was worried, but it seems it was a needless aid.

However, when I teased her that it’s a mutual love, she replied that it’s different.
It seems my dense little sister still lacks self-awareness.
Even so, she said she doesn’t mind being touched or embraced.

Isn’t that because she loves him?

It seems she said that to Freed, I think it’s inevitable he’ll run wild after hearing that.
A woman he loves told him she doesn’t dislike being embraced.
It’s almost like she confessed she likes it.
Of course he’d want to lock her in his room.
It’s his very first love.
Understanding he’s not disliked, obviously he’d become a little bullish.
That’s why I didn’t mind giving him some leeway.

I smiled wryly at my little sister who’s as obtuse as ever despite consenting.
It seems she’s insensitive not only to others’ emotions, but also to her own.
I’m not thinking of making her notice though.

Seeing Freed shook by my little sister is more interesting than I thought.
At any rate, it’ll naturally become mutual love soon.
If that’s the case, it’s not bad to enjoy Freed’s one sided feeling until then.
When I thought so, it appeared to be quite a good plan.

… Alright, I’ve decided.

I’ve already finished studying. What’s left is a trifling transfer of control.
Let’s finish quickly and enjoy this interesting spectacle.

Having decided so, I took the opportunity to tell my little sister about Tarim advancing south.
It’s an annual event, it’s really nothing unusual.
It’s the usual for Freed and Will to depart for the front.

I thought so, but.

My eyes opened wide when my little sister clung to me with a ghastly complexion.
I absolutely didn’t think she’d react like that.
I desperately calmed her by telling it’ll be okay, but…

Oi oi…

Ain’t she totally in love?

It’s a mystery why she hasn’t realized, but it can’t be helped.
Even so. It’s not my role to make her notice.
So, let’s amuse myself as much as possible.
After all, soon I’ll be seeing the two of them being close so much I’ll be finding it unpleasant.

Even if I amuse myself until that time comes, there won’t be any punishment.

Editor: Valeria

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11 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 15

  1. It isn’t realist falling in love this way

    I really think that the MC should have rejected the negagement before the king himself, blaming the crown prince to put ‘King’s Flower’. without her consent before the entire court

    I think the the court at least would question if the prince has acted correctly. After all, this ‘King’s Flower’ is said or implied to work just one time. If the girl was discovered latter to be a criminal or something worser?


  2. Thank you soooo much for the chapter!!~ I guess her modern view on things or concept of today’s generation towards that is what’s hindering her in realising her feelings + she’s always been so dense so 🌚😂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Onii-sama~!! ❤
    LOL looking it this way, Lidi really is super dense! But it's what makes this interesting!
    Let's see you struggle Lidi, until you finally realizes that you're actually in love with Freed all along! XD
    Thank you for the chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Yaaay thanks for translating, really appreciate it so so much, totally made my day!
    I love this chapter! Her brother is so insightful it’s great to read his thoughts on the couple. So exciting! Cant wait to see Lidi’s anxiousness over Freed’s enlistment.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I agree with her brother. Lidi was attracted to Freed at the ball. She moved away from the others and watched him.and after his approach she did not reject him. So she liked him from the beginning.

    Thank you for this update

    Liked by 1 person

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