Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 46

She and the Ninja 2

Because she picked a fight with me at the Royal Castle, I absolutely won’t let her say she forgot me.
I brought my face closer to get the desired reaction, but her expression said she doesn’t recognize me.
But that was only at the beginning.
She looked at my face once again, and her face stiffened in a twinkling.

“… Ah… Duke Vivoir’s…”

Since she finally understandood who I am, I sweetly smiled.

“Yes, I am glad you remembered. It has been a long time. I could not greet you in the Royal Castle. And so? Who is being rude to whom? Absolutely do tell me”

I told her provocatively.
When it comes to our status, I’m at an overwhelming advantage. If she’s flaunting her social status, she must understand this much.
If she’s under the impression that I’m a sickly lady whom she can beat by taking confident attitude, she’s making a great mistake.

“Tha, that is…”

As expected, Maria averted her eyes and, lost for words, couldn’t answer.
However, with just that I had absolutely no intention of easing up on her.

“It is unexpected to meet you in such a place. I was surprised to see you in the town with an appearance suitable for attending a ball, but above that I was shocked by the attitude you showed to the man just now. Do you know the meaning of the phrase ‘noblesse oblige’? We are here thanks to them. It is not a good thing to selfishly abuse the rights of the privileged class. We are required to serve as the example for the public whenever possible. Poor thing, you seem unable to understand such obvious facts”

Maria weakly sneered, seeming annoyed.

“Wha, do not look down on me!! I don’t care you are a duke’s daughter, you yourself have no peerage, you are only a woman!!”

As expected, she seemed to realize she had been insulted.
And then she said that. It’s fine, but.
I intensified my smile. As elegantly as possible. To make it beautiful.

“Yeah, that is right. It can also be said about you, Miss Maria. The status you stubbornly flaunted just now does not belong to you, it is your father’s. It is unrelated to you”

Being told that, Maria reflexively shouted.

“But. Father would listen to anything I ask for!!”
“That might be so. But you know, I could also ask for that much and more, I wonder if you do not understand that. My Father is the Prime Minister and the leading Duke. Yours is at most a lowly marquis of a province, there is no way he can compare”
“Tha… that”

Having the reality thrust at her, she stood stock still in shock.
Until now she must’ve hidden behind her father’s status to do as she pleased. It seems it not working was unthinkable.

“Although it may be an inconsequential matter, I will tell you. Your father is desperate to have my Father and Older Brother take a liking to him, you know? If I report your actions today, I wonder just what he would say?”

I guess she thought about my words. In a twinkling, Maria became pale.
Although it was a speculation before, she must’ve been terribly scolded by her father for angering Freed.

If he finds out she furthermore picked a fight with the young lady of the household he’s thinking of buttering up to, even if she’s his adorable daughter, she won’t make it through by just smiling.

Noticing her blunder for the first time, she began trembling. Unable to keep standing, she seemed to collapse, her attendant had to support her from behind.
The color already drained from her face. Even so, despite trembling she got on her knees.
Without manners she simply lowered her head.

I stared at that with a somewhat fed-up look.

“I was… rude. Please… forgive me”

While trembling from humiliation, she put together an apology in a very thin voice, to which I tilted my head like a small bird.

“I do not understand at all what you are talking about. Who in the world are you apologizing to?”

She was begging for forgiveness on her knees in terror.
Perhaps she’s frightened of the fury of her father who’s a marquis.
Had she done that from the start there would be no need for what’s happening.

“Of… Of course to Lady Lidiana… Ple, please, keep this matter a secret from His Excellency the Duke and father… I beg you…”

Her words truly disappointed me.
I thought she was a small fry when I met her in the castle, but she’s truly hopeless.

“The person you should apologize to is different. It is not me you should apologize to, but him. To not even know such a thing”

When I pointed out the poor thing with my eyes, she looked like she noticed his existence for the first time.


Seeing the roughly breathing man, she screamed and drew back.
His hood slid off exposing his eyes. There’s no light in one eye, the other is bright red.
I became fascinated by its red like pigeon blood.
With his black hair it made for an unusual color combination, I let out a sigh of admiration.

“Cu… cursed clan”

She displayed the exact opposite reaction.
Seeing his eyes, she shivered unable to stand up.
There certainly is a rumor that the clan of red eyes is cursed.

“It is not the reason to abandon a person you know is injured”

I told her with my brows knitted, but she frantically shook her head.

“Because… it’s disgusting!!”

Her words that were like an embodiment of malice took my breath away for a moment.
I forcibly suppressed the urge that instantly arose.
If I hadn’t, I would have hit her.
My vision became red with fury.
I can’t understand why she would discriminate due to a part of his physical appearance.
Looking at those pretty eyes myself, I found her insensitivity unbelievable.

“… Enough”

As she turned her frightened eyes towards me, I waved my hand to drive her off.

“I will do something about him. Go away already. It will be unpleasant if you stay here any longer”

She reacted with a start to my anger that leaked out, despite my intention to restrain it.
I took another breath and spoke to her attendant.

“I will turn a blind eye this time. Therefore, take your master away”

I turned my back to her and went down on my knees next to the man.
I didn’t want to see her face anymore.

In the background, the attendant seemed to be saying something to her.
After a while, it felt like she stood up, and the two of them finally left.
I breathed out in relief at the sound of their footsteps growing distant.

“Milady, shall I help you”

As soon as they disappeared, a single man suddenly appeared.
The man with fine physique who I recognize to a certain degree bitterly smiled. After all it’s like this.
Probably he’s a guard Brother or Father gave me. I don’t know his name.
I sighed and looked up at him. He was grinning happily.

“I thought you would be here, but again you appeared at an incredible timing”
“Honestly, I thought of coming out a little earlier, but I really had no opportunity. But, truly well done”

While being utterly amazed by the man who didn’t feel like helping me, I gave him instructions.

“Well, whatever, that being the case it is your turn now. Please provide this guy with medical treatment. I smell blood. He appears injured”
“I understand”

Smile disappeared from his face, and he quietly searched the collapsed man for injuries.
He’s got quite slender physique. Rather than a knight with firm muscles, it seemed to be more convincing to say he does secret work, like espionage.
Yes, like a ninja. Ninja.

Although it was my guard who checked for presence of wounds, before long he made a face like he doesn’t understand and spoke to me.

“Milady. I cannot find wounds anywhere”

Perplexed by his state, I asked him to repeat.

“As I said, there is nothing like wound anywhere”

At those words, I looked down at the man. The man breathes with difficulty. He’s probably still young, the man perhaps younger than me certainly smells of blood.

“But, he smells of blood…”
“Milady, this is probably a kind of curse”

I tilted my head at words I don’t get to hear much.

“That’s right. There’s no injury but the smell of blood hangs in the air. Abnormalities of the respiratory organs. It’s closer to a curse than a poison. However, if it’s a curse we cannot do anything. I’ve heard a special method is necessary to dispel it. However, unfortunately I don’t know it”
“Such a thing…”
“He won’t survive long. He’ll die soon”

I stared at the roughly breathing man.
He weakly opened his eyes and looked here. The pigeon blood captivated me.
It seems his voice won’t come out. Still he moved his lips. I read their movements with my utmost effort.

‘Kill me’

I opened my eyes wide wondering if I haven’t misread these words.
The words unconsciously came out of my mouth.

“… Do you want to die?”


Hearing my words his eyes widened slightly. But, he didn’t say anything.
Even so, the brilliance in his eyes said he wants to live more than anything.
Looking at those eyes, I again strengthened my determination.

“I got it. In that case, I’ll do something”

When he again closed his eyes, while stroking his head I said so, but the guard raised his voice to reproach me. In addition, he weakly shook his head.

“I have an idea for a person who may be able to help. It is close, please at least let me try”
“Who is the person who can break a curse? What in the world?”

I didn’t answer his question said in a tone that demanded explanation.
I think Ms. Delris doesn’t want her existence to be known.
In that case, I can’t reveal it at my own discretion.

“I am sorry. I cannot say that. In any case, I will go there. Absolutely do not follow me”

I firmly stopped him from persisting.
Probably, nobody other than me can use that path.
I have such a hunch.

“Even if you try to follow, it will probably be impossible. So please. I promise I will return to the middle gate by dusk, so please wait there”
“I might be able to save him. Please”

When I looked at him appealingly, the guard soon nodded I understand to show he gave up.
However, while I was feeling relieved, he said the following.

“… I will report this matter to your father”
“… I would like you to stop, but I expect it to be impossible. I understand”

I’ll leave the matter with Father be for now.
First I have to do something about him.

Leaving the guard on the spot, I had him stand up while supporting his body.
As he’s a man, I prepared for him to be considerably heavy, but to my surprise he was lighter than I’d expected.
Although it helped with moving him, he was probably malnourished.
That’s not good, I grimaced.

Ms. Delris’s house isn’t far from here.

Perhaps Ms. Delris will hate me bringing him along.
Even so, I have no choice but to implore her.
She’s my only acquaintance who seem to understand curses.
A life cannot be replaced.

While dragging his body, I desperately headed for her house.
Hot breathing struck my neck.
The definite proof that he’s still alive filled me with strength.
I murmured to persuade both him, as well as myself.

“… I will absolutely help you. Do not give up on life”

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