Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 48

She and the Curse 2

A strange dry sound like thin glass breaking resounded from the direction of my hand.

Surprised by the sound, I withdrew my hand in panic.
Wondering what happened and whether it wasn’t something bad, I stared at that spot.

But even when I desperately strained my eyes, I couldn’t see anything there.
For some reason, even the magic formation that was there just now disappeared.
It’s truly nowhere to be seen. All that’s left is his smooth chest.
I can tell he’s alive from the soft movements of his chest.


Without understanding what happened I once again muttered and looked back at Ms. Delris.
I’m afraid I must’ve done something to make the magic formation that emerged disappear.
But, she was looking at me with a dumbfounded face.

“Delris… san?”
“… I’m surprised…”

She put a hand against her mouth and muttered to herself.

“Does it even cover hexcraft…”

She approached me while mumbling so and shaking her head, then once again fixedly stared at my hand.

“I knew you are a person who has the ability to neutralize my barrier, but… Unbelievable. Does it really go as far as neutralizing the ‘Curse of Sahaja’”

The ‘Curse of Sahaja’ she spoke about must be the magic formation from earlier.
But, neutralize??
Come to think of it, I recall hearing it before.

When I first came to Ms. Delris’s house, she said such a thing.
But, now’s not the time for that. There’s something I need to confirm first.

“Um, Ms. Delris? … The pitch-black magic formation is gone, but… is this person okay…”

When I nervously asked, Ms. Delris spoke as if she was amazed that I haven’t noticed.

“What are you saying. Didn’t you just splendidly neutralize it… This guy is okay now. It seems he has no other injuries, so he should wake up soon”
“Is… that so”

Ms. Delris’s words made me pat my chest in relief. I got on my knees next to the bed and once again tightly grasped his hand. I was so relieved my tears welled up.
I don’t understand well what Ms. Delris said, but it appears he’s saved.
That’s right… I was able to save him.
Then, there’s no need to say anything.

“… I’m glad”

When I spoke from the bottom of my heart, Ms. Delris informed me with an astounded expression.

“Normally it would be unthinkable. That guy was fortunate to have come across you… He couldn’t be saved by anybody else”

It was also impossible for me, Ms. Delris weakly laughed.

“It’s fine either way. As long as he was saved”

As long as my ability that I don’t understand well saved him, it’s fine.
Above all, I’m happy I could be helpful.

“… I see. But you must also be tired. There’s still some time until that guy wakes up. I’m going to make tea, so take a little rest”
“Thank you. I’m grateful for your offer”

When I was shown the chair from the last time, I let go of his hand and stood up.
My sight violently shook. I felt unsteady on my feet.

“Wo… w”

To me surprised by dizziness, Ms. Delris pointed out.

“You must have consumed a great deal of magical power. It’s inevitable you’d feel somewhat unsteady. Look, get yourself together”

I managed to reach the chair after walking unsteadily. After safely sitting down strength left my body. I fell on the desk.

“Here, tea to restore your magical power. It tastes better than the last time so drink it quickly”
“… Thank… you!?”

Looking at the color of the tea placed in front of me, I completely solidified.
What, I’m just having a bad dream. Tea, certainly Ms. Delris said it was tea. And yet, this is…

… Yup, it’s blue.

What should I do. I don’t understand Ms. Delris’s definition of tea.

The cup presented to me was filled with cobalt blue liquid.
My cheeks twitched at the deep blue color as if blue paint was dissolved in it.

The green-colored tea from the last time was also tough but going by the appearance this one is worse.
After all, this blue is strange.

As I can’t see any foreign matter, at least it’s better in that way.
As a test I tried shaking the cup, but for some reason the contents shook like jelly.
It’s supposed to be tea, but what is it… I don’t understand.

In any case, courage is undoubtedly needed to drink it.
Even so, I know the effectiveness of Ms. Delris’s medicine first-hand. And that it’s her kindness.
I have no choice but to drink it this time as well.

… Okie dokie, let’s prepare myself.
Just like facing death, I faced the tea.
It may be meaningless, but I made sure not to breathe through nose and gulped it in one go.

“Whatever!!! … Woah… geho… woah gross”

As expected, it can’t be called delicious even as a lie.
The taste worse than aojiru’s made me cough.
For some reason, it stuck to the back of my throat.
It was so awful I teared up.
In what way was it better than the previous one.

However, after all the effect was outstanding.
Lightheartedness that’s like intense vertigo disappeared in an instant, my consciousness also cleared up.

The aftertaste is the worst though…
… Truly, this taste can’t be called good.

“Thank you… very much”

I mumbled my thanks.
The feeling of it going down my throat was the worst, but it’s a fact my condition recovered. It’s only right to thank her.
Even so, aware of what I was trying to say from my expression, Ms. Delris rested her chin in her hands and meaningfully smiled.

“This time too you bravely drank it. Truly, you are interesting… Fufu, effective medicine is bitter”

Contrary to Ms. Delris’s delighted voice I felt dejected, still I rebutted.

“I think something this bitter is beyond fine”

Her pills and powder medicine are fine, so why is the liquid medicine like this.
I can only think of it as harassment.

“The amount of your magic power is remarkably high, but even so you seem to have used quite the amount to neutralize the curse just now”
“You mentioned neutralizing before”

I was finally able to respond to the phrase that came out again.

“Ah, after all you were unaware. Well, it’s not well-known so it’s understandable… Let’s see, you have quite an unusual neutralization ability”

While laughing she offered me a cup of water, which I gratefully accepted.
I wanted to drink to finally remove the stickiness from the back of my throat.

While frowning from the unpleasant feeling that still remained, I still listened attentively to Ms. Delris’s talk.

“Neutralization ability… It is the first time I hear these words”
“No surprise. It is rare, although it’s a type of magic, it’s outside the established magic and magical arts systems. That’s why it’s not publicly known, few people are aware of it. Neutralization ability, although there’s variation to its degree, can neutralize magical power at user’s intention, rendering it ineffective”

Ms. Delris explained it carefully, but somehow it doesn’t click with me.

“You said you weren’t good with magic. Neutralization magic is special. I think it’s natural you wouldn’t be able to use other magic or understand the flow of magical power”
“I see, after all I can’t use them…”

I dropped my shoulders at Ms. Delris’s words.
I find not being able to use even simple magic quite inconvenient in this world brimming with magic. There are things that can be substituted, but there are things I cannot do.
Transmission magic is the prime example, as I longed for magic, the shock I received when I realized I couldn’t use it was great. I’d accept it if I had no magical power, but the amount of my magical power is much higher than others’. I wondered if I couldn’t manage somehow but listening to this story it appears it’d be very difficult.
… Magic, I wanted to use it.

Seeing me obviously dejected, Ms. Delris added.

“I didn’t say you can’t use it. I said it can’t be helped that you’re poor at it. In the first place, you have the ‘Royal Flower’, as long as you give your best won’t you manage if it’s something simple?”
“Eh? Is that true?”

I energetically straightened up and looked at Ms. Delris.
Seeing such me Ms. Delris wryly smiled.

“Although it’s not well known, the ‘Royal Flower’ has an ability to control magical power. Naturally it appeared to the Crown Prince, but similarly the ability should have appeared in you. Because it makes the flow of magical power easier to grasp, you may be able to use life magic somehow”

What an ability the ‘Royal Flower’ has!!
My eyes suddenly sparkled.
My chest trembled in anticipation of magic that I longed being usable.

Viva!! Hooray ‘Royal Flower’!!

The blue rose on my chest suddenly appeared wonderful.
I want to hug Freed who gave it to me, I wouldn’t mind kissing him as thanks either.

“What should I do!?”

Ms. Delris told me, who bent myself forward in excitement, to quiet down.

“Calm down. Practice sensing magical power inside your body. When you grasp the flow of magical power, sooner or later you’ll be able to use magic”
“… However, I couldn’t sense that magical power”
“That was before you received the ‘Royal Flower’. Now you have its support. Depending on your effort it should be possible”

I was deeply moved by Ms. Delris’s words.
‘Royal Flower’, I’m grateful.

“Thank you!! I’ll give it a try as soon as I’m home!!”

I was so overjoyed I took her hand and grasped it tightly.
I too may be able to use magic. There’s no way I wouldn’t be happy thinking so.
After all, speaking of fantasy magic is a must!!
Let’s absolutely practice when I’m back!!

“… Good grief, won’t you ask about the neutralization ability?”
“What’s important now is that I may be able to use magic, that’s more than enough!!”

I declared while heavily breathing.

“… Is that so. The neutralization ability is also magic. Well, I’ll roughly explain it. Your ability is probably activated by ‘touching’ the target and invoked with your ‘intention’. Since it’ll be troublesome if it’s known to people, do not mistakenly use it”

As I was admonished with a serious face, I got rid of my merry expression and nodded.
That… perhaps, it’s the so called reincarnation cheat.

I thought a little.
If that’s the case, I wanted something easier to understand.
Like Will’s magical arts talent.
The ability that I have to hide from people is too troublesome.
Even so, I hate trouble, so I resolved to hide it with all my power.

“Thank you for everything. I was saved thanks to you… Err, it might be late, but I brought these as a token of gratitude. If you would like”

Each time I come here I only increase my debt, I feel like I’m unable to return the favor with just that.
Even so, although it’s late I took out the box with daifuku and gave it to Ms. Delris, which she received with a mystified expression.
That face didn’t change even after opening the box.
She tilted her head at the beautifully lined up white and strawberry daifuku.

“?? What is this?”
“Do you not know? It’s a traditional confectionery called daifuku”

Hearing my explanation, Ms. Delris made an expression like she understood.

“Daifuku?? Ah, that thing that became popular in the Royal Palace?”
“That’s right. Ah, by the way, the ones with strawberry are the new work. They’re called ‘strawberry daifuku’”

I nodded to her words. It seems she’s heard of it, but never seen the real thing.
When I informed her that I produced them, Ms. Delris made a surprised face and looked alternatively at me and daifuku.

“Hee!! That’s an unexpected talent. If I had to say, I thought you’d be no good at such things”

To her upfront answer I returned a bitter smile.

“… Ahaha, you can’t judge a book by its cover. I hope what I made will suit your taste”

Saying it makes me sad, but for some reason all people who learn that are equally as surprised.
I wonder why. Do I look that clumsy, I wonder.

“The rumored daifuku… I’ll gratefully accept”

After curiously observing daifuku, she picked one up.
When she’d asked how to eat it, I explained that you take it in hand and bite into it.
Either way is fine, but I prefer nibbling rather than taking big bites.

I observed Ms. Delris who happily put it into her mouth.
As the maker, I’m looking at her in anticipation.


Now then, how will she react?

Happy New Year everybody!

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  1. Happy new year!

    I wanna *facepalm* at lidi for thanking freed for giving her the king’s flower….

    Idk, i guess a skill obtained thru sex is a little too eccentric for me…and her reaction after everything is a little too …nonchalant…


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