Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 50

She and Shinigami 2


I don’t get what he’s saying.
Seeing my expression, he looked at me in disbelief.
Taking the opportunity, he raised bangs on his left.

“Look at this eye. It’s red. Furthermore, I can’t see with the other eye. Don’t you think it’s disgusting, being the mark of the cursed clan?”
“Even though it’s so pretty? No way”

I laughed off the words Cain said in self-derision.
I fixedly peered into his eyes.
When I drew close enough to feel his breath Cain showed a bewildered expression, but I didn’t care.
His glittering red eye is still beautiful.
Even if he can’t see with one eye, I don’t think it makes him inferior.

“Cain, your eye is pretty. When I saw it for the first time some time ago, I thought that it was pretty like a jewel. I don’t think it’s disgusting”
“Ha…? Pretty? This eye?”

Although I told him honestly, he seems unable to believe it.
He made a face like a pigeon struck with a peashooter.
Once again I affirmed to him who’s making such a face.

“Yup. I’ve also heard of the story of the cursed clan. But seeing it in reality, I can’t think of it like that. Cain, your eye is so sparkling. I like that eye”

When I gently told him what I think, he hung his head and fell silent.
I tilted my head at Cain who stopped moving.

“… Yup, wait a moment”

As he hung his head and nodded together with his words, I observed his appearance, and… His ears are red?

“Leave it at that. The stimulus seems too intense for the innocent boy”

When I was about to call out to him again, Ms. Delris stopped me, with laughter mixed in her words.

“You said you’re Cain. That red eye, you’re from Hiyuma Clan, right?”
“Do you know of them!”

With Ms. Delris’s few words, Cain’s face turned so severe it’s like he became a different person, and he asked to confirm.
Seeing that reaction, she nodded I see.

“Ah, after all it was that. It’s surprising there’s a survivor. I’ve heard they were completely annihilated 8 years ago”

He shook his head in silence.
He clenched both fists tightly. His hands were trembling.

“… I managed to escape, everyone else died. As the survivor, I inherited the title Lux”
“Hoo? You’re a direct descendant of the clan. I see. Then perhaps, you are Sahaja’s Red Shinigami? After all, I’ve heard he’s still a young man, but I can understand if he’s the next Lux of Hiyuma’s Clan”

Hearing the phrase ‘Red Shinigami’ Cain showed a displeased face for an instant.
How should I put it, ‘Red Shinigami’… what a chuuni name.
I inadvertently laughed in my mind, but the expressions of these two were serious.

“You know surprisingly much about me. I may have been saved by you, but just who are you?”

Once again, Cain looked at Ms. Delris with vigilance, but Ms. Delris’s next words seemed to blow it all away.

“I’m a witch. The witch Delris”

When she mischievously informed him, Cain opened his mouth wide for and instant and showed a foolish face. Then, as soon as he understood the meaning of her words, he looked amazed and greatly leaned forward.

“Ha? The witch Delris!? That witch famous for her medicine!”

He gazed at Ms. Delris with his expression painted with surprise.

“Well, yes, because I wish to avoid being found by fools, I live in hiding like this”
“Eh? But wait, if you’re the real thing, why am I here? Aren’t you famous for misanthropy?”

When Cain pointed that out Ms. Delris shrugged her shoulders.

“You’ll understand if you think a little. This child brought you here. That’s all”

When Ms. Delris turned her gaze towards me, Cain followed and fixed his gaze on me.

“Is that so… You’re amazing”
“No, it’s not really like that”

For some reason I objected to what he said with a strangely serious face.
I don’t think Ms. Delris is really a misanthrope.
After all, she treated me kindly from the first time we met.

Cain looked around and relaxed as if he understood.

“Is that so… This is the medicine witch’s dwelling. It’s no wonder the famous medicine witch would know about me. I’m sorry for distrusting you”

He apologized saying he didn’t think such a being would help him.
Ms. Delris returned a wry smile.

Of course, I knew Ms. Delris was a famous witch.
She’s the only witch who can make contraceptive for women, so it’s only natural I contacted her.
But, I didn’t think she was famous enough to be known in other countries.

“Ms. Delris is an amazing person…”

I unconsciously interjected.
I casually dropped by with daifuku, but she seems like a considerable big-shot.

Seemingly unconcerned, Ms. Delris waved her hand lightly.

“I don’t care about others’ evaluation. I am myself”
“Fufu… you’re right”

I unintentionally giggled at the words typical of Ms. Delris.
Yup, I like her being like this.

Once again, I turned towards Cain.
I don’t know if he’ll answer, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

“Hey Cain, you’re from that Hiyuma Clan, right? Is that the red eyed clan from the north?”
“Yeah, that’s right. The clan was driven off and annihilated. I am the only one who escaped”

Cain answered plainly like him shaking earlier was a lie.
However, as the person hearing it, I found it unbearable.


As I said with a gasp, Cain nodded that’s right.

“In order to let the young me escape, everybody died. I ran away south and was picked up by Sahaja’s Assassin’s Guild’s guild master. From then I just single-mindedly lived as an assassin, I spent my days only to return the favor of being saved”
“I see…”

He told me about his life back-to-back, to sum it up in one word it’d be fierce.

Naturally, I can’t impertinently disparage the way he lived as an assassin until now.
Listening to him, I understand it really was the only way he could live.

I am aware of the circumstances of Sahaja.
The disparity of wealth is intense, Sahaja that wages numerous wars has an abnormally great number of orphans.
And because they are too numerous, there’s no institution to care for them.

There are very few occupations they can chose not having parents.
Like working in a brothel, or falling to slavery. There is truly nothing decent.
You could say something dreadful like an assassin is preferable among the few choices.
That’s the reason something as wasteful as Assassin’s Guilds developed in that country.

Sahaja is too harsh for those without power.
It’s a country where might makes right.
It’s unthinkable in our country.
But, different countries have different common sense.

I thought that I couldn’t condemn him.
I lowered my head slightly. I felt his gaze piercing me.

“Sorry for making you say things you don’t want to say. You ran away from the Assassin’s Guild, right? Yup, Cain, you’re already free. You can go anywhere, you can do anything”

As he didn’t expect to hear something like that, his eyes wandered about.
I firmly looked into those eyes and returned a nod.

“You mentioned your father’s last request, right? Will you fulfill it? Good luck”

I told him recalling what he said a while ago.
Next, I faced Ms. Delris and placed my hands together.
I feel guilty, but I have nobody other than her to rely on.

“I’m sorry. Until he recovers a bit more to the point he can move, could you let him stay here? I’m truly sorry, but I cannot take him home. Of course, I’ll pay the expenses. It may be little, but this is all I have on me…”
“I don’t need that”

When I took a Wilhelm gold coin from my purse and looked at Ms. Delris, she immediately shook her head.

“Even if you hadn’t asked, I was planning to do that from the start. You couldn’t bring such a troublesome guy back, right?”
“Well, it’s true, but”

Speaking of hopeless people, Ms. Delris looked at the direction of the desk delightfully.
Her line of sight fell on daifuku.

“I don’t need money. But if you’re bothered by it, could I ask for more daifuku? Especially the strawberry one was a masterpiece”

I hurriedly nodded to her words.

“If it’s fine I’ll bring as much as you like! I will also bring new products! Thank you, Ms. Delris!”
“I don’t think I’d trade your sweets even for gold”

Suddenly, she stroked my lowered head with her wrinkled hand.
It felt very comfortable.

“… Besides, you didn’t refuse my tea. I’d like to thank for that”
“Eh? What did you say?”

Her voice was so quiet I missed what she said.
I raised my head and asked, but she smiled to gloss over it.

“Nothing. You over there. That’s why, you’ll be staying here until you recover your strength”

Being called out in a sharp voice, Cain flinched, still he tried to refuse.

“No, but any more than that would be a trouble…”
“Don’t think you have a say in it. It’s this child who saved you. Without asking for a reward this child did what she felt was right, isn’t there something only you can do?”

When Ms. Delris said that, Cain’s eyes opened wide.
Then he once again bowed his head.

“… Got it. In that case, I’ll accept the offer. I was truly saved. You have my thanks”
“Yeah, that’s enough”

Seeing their exchange, I patted my chest in relief.

When I casually checked my watch, I realized the agreed time was steadily approaching.
Woah, that’s bad.
Angry faces of my escort and Father appeared in my mind.

“I am sorry. I have to go now. I promised to return by evening”

When I hurriedly informed of that, Ms. Delris nodded.

“Ah, you’re going already. Please take care… You’ll come again, right?”

I nodded strongly.

“Of course! Next I’ll also bring a new product! Cain too, sorry. But, I’m glad your curse was removed. I don’t think we’ll meet again, but I pray your father’s last wish will be fulfilled. Stay healthy!”

Can tried stopping me in a fluster, but I already started walking up the stairs in a hurry.
Even so, I looked back and once again spoke.

“Ms. Delris also said you can stay here until you’re healthy. Of course Cain, you can leave whenever you want. Don’t mind me”
“Wait, do not decide on your own… Do you truly want nothing from me”

I shook my head with I don’t at Cain who said that can’t be.

“I already told you I don’t need a reward, didn’t I. If I had to say, I saved Cain. That was the best reward”

I energetically waved my hand at him who stared here in disbelief.

“See ya”

I unilaterally bid goodbye to Cain who still seemed to have something to say and quickly went up the stairs.
I have to hurry. I really can’t make the person I selfishly asked wait.

When I climbed the stairs and opened the door, I heard Cain’s voice from behind.
Although it was directed at me, I didn’t turn back.

Going by his tone he’ll surely be okay.

Satisfied by his lively voice, I went through the door and hurriedly ran to the meeting place.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
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