Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 5

The Whimsical Witch 3

“Really, it’s become troublesome”

A crow landed on an old woman’s shoulder.
Touching the crow, she muttered in a lowered voice.






Just the other day, a customer came to this store after truly a long time.
The customer was a young woman.
A girl with a unique neutralization ability who amply demonstrated it by discovering this shop.
Despite achieving her purpose, the girl laughed that she’ll drop by even without a reason.
Usually, I’d immediately forget about that, but for some reason she was strangely memorable.

I know the identify of the girl. And the name of the fiancé she doesn’t desire.

I was asked to sell the medicine to avoid that, but I wonder if it actually turned out well.
In no way was I curious, it’s nothing like that, I just had my familiar fly around.
I sighed at the gathered information.

“The Crown Prince suffers from excessive vigor… huh”

The Crown Prince, who’s bothered by the intensity of his libido, appeared to be searching for me.
Of course, the search ended in failure. Obviously. I won’t be found that easily.

―――― But, that’s not where the problem lies.

Having acquired information that he attended balls nightly to release the pent-up energy, I pressed on my temple.
Isn’t that where the girl said she’ll go to lose her virginity.

It’s ironic, but there’s a thing called ‘fate’.
People who truly should be connected will meet no matter what.
It’s inescapable.

Delris who’s called the medicine witch knows well about it.

The girl who rarely appears at balls decided to attend the ball to lose her virginity.
And the Crown Prince attended the same ball to release his pent-up libido.

It seems the Crown Prince just then decided it would be his last ball.

Additionally, various conditions were met. There’s already no room for doubt.
―――― Probably that girl won’t be able to escape.

I sighed for who knows which time and thought.

What I can do for her is only to reduce the burden on her.
I don’t really have an obligation to look after her, but.

“… She said she’ll come visit me”

I remembered the girl’s smile.
To my surprise, I want to support her more than I’d thought.
But, I was bewildered only for an instant.

“Well, it’s fine once in a while”

I headed for the medicine cabinet in the back of the room.
To compound the medicine, I took out various medicinal herbs.



―――― For the sake of the girl who’ll probably visit soon.

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  1. (Late) Merry Christmas and happy new year! … thank you very much for all the translations and chapters.
    I wish everyone an excellent new year full of happiness and successes.


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