Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 6

The Melancholy of the Prime Minister 2

―――― I don’t understand my daughter.

Even if quite forcibly, the engagement with His Highness the Crown Prince being finally safely arranged is a weight off my mind.

Thinking about it, the incident happened just at the right time.




That day was weird from the start.
His Majesty the Crown Prince, who wouldn’t willingly approach me, perhaps because he disliked talking about the engagement, requested a meeting with me.

Of course, I had no choice of refusing.
I replied that I’ll be happy to receive him, but I suggested we talk in the presence of His Majesty.

Then when I inquired about his purpose, for some reason he asked to meet my daughter.
As until then he had been completely indifferent, I was suspicious about what was going on.

Honestly, although I managed to get them engaged, I had a smoldering doubt whether it was fine.
Although His Highness had accepted the engagement, no matter how you looked at it he showed no interest in it, undeniably he disliked my daughter.

I wonder if I can’t expect a happy future of this marriage.
It had to come this far for me to think so.
I don’t want to see my daughter’s tear-stained face.

Rather than that, wouldn’t my daughter be happier if I entrusted her to a man who seriously loves her.

I recalled the man who’s always with my daughter.

Although he’s a son of a person I hate, the person himself is a calm young man, he made a favorable impression by stubbornly refusing to get engaged with anybody other than my daughter. Moreover, I’ve heard his parents finally yielded to him.

He didn’t feel like making advances, but he’s also from a ducal house, moreover he’s the eldest son.
Aside from His Highness, it can be said he’s the best choice.

… It’s not the situation to talk about my personal preferences.
Perhaps, it’s the time I also resolve myself.

I thought so, but.

When His Highness unexpectedly appealed that he seriously wants to receive my daughter, my feelings changed.

As we interact for work, I can tell whether he’s serious.
I don’t know what happened, but His Highness appears truly earnest about loving my daughter.

In that case, there’s no problem.

From the start I wished for that relationship. If His Highness loves my daughter and will cherish her, there’s no greater joy for me.

Just, I found it strange.
His Highness and my daughter should have never met.
I wonder why he went that far…

Although my probing was avoided, I felt like his eyes told me to investigate on my own.
Immediately, I decided to abandon things at hand and investigate, but….

After he finished talking with my daughter, His Highness confessed the shocking truth, but that’s a story for another time.

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5 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 6

  1. Will….!!! Poor you.. 😭
    Hahaha I want to see the expression of Lidi Papa when he know the truth 🤣
    Thank you for the chapter!


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