Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Side Story 8

The Melancholy of the Prime Minister 3

“What did Your Highness talk about just now?”

After finishing talking with my daughter, His Highness came down alone, and as soon as he got down started talking to me.

“Prime Minister. You could finally come home, so I feel bad for asking, but could you come with me to the castle once again. There are things I have to report to Father”
“Ha, that will not be a problem, but… report?”

I have plenty of things to do.
But, I cannot refuse a request from His Highness.
I’m relieved that I was at least able to request Lidi’s matter to be investigated while His Highness wasn’t here.

“Yes, it’s something that also concerns you… I confirmed her ‘Royal Flower’”

I don’t understand what I was told.
From young age I’ve been called a sharp and able person, I could stand my ground against people equal and above me from other countries, but I truly couldn’t understand what I’d been told, for a moment I solidified.

His Highness smiled, seemingly in a good mood.

As the surprise slowly abated, I clearly understood His Highness’s words, and this time I became seriously overcome with surprise. The ‘Royal Flower’!!?

“Yo, Your Highness! Is it true!! Lidi got it!?”

When I returned a question unable to believe it, His Highness clearly nodded.

“I granted her the ‘Royal Flower’. And, it bloomed. That’s all”
“… That, well… Right?”

Hearing His Highness’s vague words, after all I became anxious about my daughter’s behavior.
She absolutely must have done something. There’s no mistaking it.
It’s frustrating having to wait for the report.
I thought she would one day do something, but I never would have imagined it would be at this timing!!

Assailed by a severe headache, I wanted to lie down.
What in the world did my daughter do.
… No, I know. I just don’t want to believe it.

Even so, I was saved by His Highness.
Thanks to His Highness who happened to be in the same place as my daughter, it didn’t turn into a major incident.

… My daughter has the ‘Royal Flower’.

That is to say, as I’d expected my daughter used the hard way.
And fortunately her partner turned out to be His Highness, there’s no mistaking it.

I really want to thank this coincidence.

If my daughter’s partner hadn’t been His Highness but somebody else, the damage couldn’t be undone.
No, Will would receive her with pleasure, but at least it would be impossible for her to marry into the Royal Family.

Thanks to His Highness’s love for my daughter she can safely get married.
The fact that the ‘Royal Flower’ is there means it’s already been decided.

I feel a little relieved that the matter of family my daughter will marry, that I worried about, has cleared up.
If it’s like this, for the sake of my daughter as well, the marriage ceremony must be concluded as soon as possible.

Having resolved myself, I showed it by nodding at His Highness.

“I more or less guessed the circumstances. I will not inquire further. More importantly, let’s hurry to the Royal Castle. And determine the shortest course towards the ‘marriage ceremony’”

His Highness blinked his eyes in surprise at being told that clearly.
And, smiled relaxedly.

“… The shortest, huh. You’re reliable. I also want to marry Lidi as soon as possible. I’m counting on you”
“Leave it to me”

I strongly nodded and turned back.
I’m grateful His Highness’s intentions are firm.

In that case, I cannot dawdle.
Let’s meet His Majesty and prepare for the ‘engagement ceremony’ even tomorrow.

I made a list of every ceremony in my head and began wholeheartedly calculating the shortest route towards the ‘wedding festival’.

All for the sake of my daughter Lidi!!

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