Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 53

She and the Contract 2

Having received a reply that unmistakably exceeded his expectations, Cain fixedly stared at me.
As for myself, having experienced it personally I felt strangely excited.

“It’s the real thing! A ninja! It’s a ninja! They are also in this world!”

My excitement rose to the max in the blink of an eye.
His appearance, his figure of making gestures with fingers just now, no matter how I looked, he’s one of ninja that I know of.
Perhaps they also exist in this world, I got totally excited.

“Woah, amazing! H, handshake! A handshake, please! Err, that’s right, the school! I haven’t heard about your school. Is it Iga, or Kouka, or maybe… ouch”

Seeing me wipe hands on my dress and hold them out while roughly breathing, Cain, who’d been taken aback, came to his senses. And, he poked my head.
With that, my sanity finally returned.

“Aha… ahaha. I’m sorry”

Being stared with scornful eyes, I awkwardly apologized.

“Good grief, what were you thinking, suddenly rattling on that I’m a ninja”
“Shinobi then! Shinobi! Ouch… I am sorry”

When I got excited once again, this time I was stopped with a chop.
I can’t, calm down, me.

“A, ahahahaha. Err, I felt Cain’s left eye glowed some time ago?”

For now, I returned to our talk, even though Cain sighed, he answered.

“The magic formation of my clan’s secret art is etched in my left eye. I can invoke it by making signs with my hands”

I was impressed by the explanation.

“I see, the technique equation was activated so it started glowing. Ah, I surely thought Cain finally used ninja arts”

Since the shape of his signs resembled the so-called nine symbols, I got excited thinking he used real ninja arts.
But, from Cain’s point of view, his clan’s secret art being mixed up with something unknown must be unpleasant. I felt a prickle of guilt.
While I was thinking so, as expected Cain spoke unpleasantly.

“What are ninja arts… Don’t give Hiyuma’s secret art a strange name”
“Yup, sorry. I was impolite”
“… It’s fine as long as you understand”

When I obediently apologized admitting my fault, Cain answered as he looked away.
Leaning on the mansion’s wall, he calmly asked a question without looking at me.

“More important, won’t you call what you’ve seen a while ago… disgusting, or something?”

He seemed to find it a little difficult to say, still Cain asked as if praying, to which I again sighed.

“What? That talk again? Cain, you’re persistent. I don’t think that. Rather, I feel grateful for being shown something awesome”
“… Truly?”

When I heard Cain ask uneasily, I suddenly thought he must’ve been awfully persecuted.
No matter how much I say it’s pretty, he won’t believe it, it must be because he’s been continuously denied by others.
What I can do for such Cain is only to keep repeating it until he believes me.
That’s right, I think even the translucent red glow of his left eye some time ago was beautiful.

Come to think of it, ninja don’t glow.
Moreover, they don’t use genuine magical arts.
At best, what I think is ‘typical’ of them in fantasy is ‘water escape arts’ or ‘fire escape arts’, it’s only to that degree.

No matter how I look, Cain is better than that.
Reconsidering like that, I faced Cain with a serious face.

“Yup, that’s right. It was impolite to compare you to ninja. Cain, you’re much better than ninja”
“No, what is this ninja… I don’t get it”

I meant to praise him seriously, but for some reason Cain weakly shook his head.
And, when I thought he hung his head, next moment his shoulders started trembling and he began laughing. Eh, why. I have absolutely no idea why he started laughing.

“Kukuku… Ah, Princess, I absolutely don’t understand what you meant, but you’re the best”
“No, there’s nothing to laugh about”

What does he mean I’m the best without understanding what I meant.
Not understanding him feels quite bad.
I was sullen, yet Cain didn’t stop laughing.
It ended up with him holding his stomach. Impolite.

“No, my bad. But, I was prepared to be called creepy, instead Princess started getting excited by yourself saying something incomprehensible about ninja. I was stupid to desperately put myself on guard against what I’d be told, only to hear something strangely amusing”
“That wouldn’t be the case. I’ve said Cain’s eye was really pretty many times before, I was surprised by the red glow a while ago, but it was truly beautiful”

When I told him seriously, Cain laughed even more.

“You’re amazing to declare it so simply. I see, Princess is such a person. To not notice that, I was truly stupid to worry”

Saying that from the bottom of his heart, Cain stopped laughing and looked at me.
His eyes were joyful, but there was a tinge of seriousness in them.
And after watching me intently for a while, he slightly nodded as if convinced.
I wonder if it’s my imagination that he looks a little happy.

“… Yup, you passed. I hate influential people, but you’re different from those I know. Interesting. I’ll listen to what you say”
“Ah, it’s different, I want to receive your commands. Please”

Not being able to understand the meaning I tilted by head, and Cain smiled a little.
And filled with determination, he told me with a look that allowed no refusal.

“I decided――――. My master will be you. After all, it can only be you”

Saying so, he kneeled at my feet.
Not understanding what’s going on, I simply stared at him.

“Mr. C, Cain, what in the world”
“… You remember the story about my old man’s last wish”
“Eh, yup”

Abruptly the talk changed, so I nodded in panic.
Cain continued kneeling, and without looking at me talked.

“My old man was Hiyuma clan’s head. Our clan is unusual. We can demonstrate our ability only after finding a master, we’re a clan that serves a master. But, Father and everyone had it quite hard to happen across their masters. I don’t know the reason, but I think it’s probably because the rumor of this eye creepily glowing red when using secret arts spread”

Cain touched his left eye while smiling in self-derision.

“Some people say they don’t care about the rumors. But, in a way they are even worse. Such guys want to use us and throw us away. We aren’t so stupid as to not understand that. As a result, it’s quite hard to happen across a master”

It’s more and more like ninja… Having read the mood, there’s no way I could say that.
Listening to the talk about serving a master, they’re very much like shinobi.

“When I was let escape, my old man said. Find a master only for you. Thinking about it now, it wasn’t just old man’s wish, it was the wish of everybody who couldn’t find their master… Hey, Princess. Let me fulfill my clan’s wish”
“No, even if I’m told that”

… Heavy! Cain’s past is in the heavyweight class!
What he told me is too heavy to readily answer with ‘Yes, sure’.
What’s with master. Can’t it be friend!

Moreover, I’ve completely forgotten, but it’s dangerous with Cain here.
It’s difficult to tell whether Father caught on, but I have little doubt. Father has an inkling.

“Am I a bother?”

Perhaps understanding I made a troubled face, Cain raised his face and looked at me with unease.
Don’t look at me with that face of an abandoned doggy.
What’s this feeling of guilt…

“No such thing. But, Father is still searching for Cain”

Telling Cain that Father’s aware of his existence, I advised him to quickly leave.
But, Cain lightly smiled.

“It’s okay, I’ll never get exposed to your father. I can swear”
“I don’t need an oath, but… Since it’s troublesome, don’t say you’ll kill. There’s one more problem. I’ll soon be getting married and moving to the castle?”

I thought the Royal Castle would be an obstacle, but Cain deepened his smile.

“It’s huge, but infiltrating the castle is surprisingly simply, you see? Besides, you’ll be the Crown Princess, and in the future the Queen, right? I understand as I was in an assassin’s guild, but with Princess’s position, one day you’ll be targeted by people like me. At that time the soldiers in the castle probably won’t be able to protect you. They have no way of stopping those guys”

Cain’s look as he spoke hid strong feelings.

“But Princess has me. I’ll absolutely protect you… That’s why, don’t reject me”

My heart shook at his terrific pick-up line.
Absolutely protect me…
Fixedly looking at me, Cain continued speaking eloquently.

“I want to serve whom I accepted. Hiyuma clan decides on the master only once, no matter the reason we won’t change. I only wish to serve my master. It can only be you. I want to become yours”

He implored.
Hearing him appeal, I feel like I’m doing something bad.
Cain didn’t give up. To give me another push, he once again spoke.

“I’ve already decided. I’ll absolutely not reverse it, and I won’t leave until you refuse or agree. You’re good. Let me protect you”

After he’d appealed with earnest expression and voice many times, I realized he wouldn’t backed down.
Even though I don’t want to have a master and servant relationship with him.
And, even though I think it’d be better if he didn’t stay in this country, for his sake.
As the daughter of the Prime Minister, as the Crown Prince’s Princess Consort, there’s nothing good about it.
I have no doubt about this.

Nevertheless, before I noticed my mouth spun those words.

“… So, a ninja”

I couldn’t help but smile at Cain’s alert reaction to my voice.
After all, I was touched.
Really, it truly couldn’t be helped.
I took a breath and strengthened my resolved, then impishly raised my index finger.

“Fine, Cain, as long as you say you’re my exclusive ninja”

Cain became crestfallen upon hearing those words.

“So why is it ninja…”
“It’s a general term for people like Cain”

Still, I won’t explain in detail.
The point is, it’s fine if he understands I’m OK with it.
Cain also understood what I meant. Slightly smiling, he happily nodded.

“What’s that… But okay. If you’ll accept me with that, I’ll become that ninja for you”
“Honestly, I wanted to say that wouldn’t it fine if we became friends, but Cain, you wouldn’t agree to that, right?”

To me asking just in case Cain clearly nodded.

“I don’t want a friend. I want a master”
“… Isn’t that right. I understand. Stop with that way of speaking. It’s unpleasant”

When I said that, Cain scratched his head with I also dislike it.

“Properly speaking that’s no good, but I’ll honestly be saved with that”
“I’m glad. Then, with this we’ve formed the contract”
“Wrong, it comes next”

Saying so, he once again kneeled.
He joined his hands and held them out to me.
Seeing his behavior, I tilted my head.

“… Are we doing something special?”
“That’s right. It’s an important clan’s ritual. Princess, wrap my hands in yours”
“Like this?”

At Cain’s words, I wrapped his hands in mine.
Feeling his hand’s coldness, I put strength into my hands to warm him up.
In this posture he bowed his head, and calmly spoke.

“Your wishes are my wishes, my life is for your sake. My name is Cain Lux Hiyuma. From this moment I accept you as my master, on this life I pledge eternal loyalty to you”

I could only gaze in wonderment as he spun words like a poem.
In response to Cain’s words, his left side slightly shined.
Raising his face, Cain had a faint smile. In his left eye the magic formation faintly appeared, I understood it was the source of that light.
I gasped at this somewhat fantastical spectacle.

“This is the contract. Now, touch my left eye”
“Eh, yup”

I couldn’t go against him in this atmosphere.
But even though I nodded, both my hands were occupied.
Judging from the atmosphere, I probably shouldn’t separate them yet.
I was troubled, but with my both hands wrapping his, I reluctantly decided to lightly kiss his left eye. When I bestowed the kiss upon the magic formation that appeared, the light shined dazzlingly. I reflexively closed my eyes from the excessive radiance.
When I opened my eyes next, Cain was smiling in satisfaction.
Seeing such him I was utterly astonished.


“Eh… Eeh? Why…”
“With this our contract is complete. Princess is now my master”
“No, that’s not it… right”

I think my surprise was natural.

His left eye proudly declared that different from before, it now reflected color properly.
The color of both eyes, with which he was looking at me with a smile, was naturally pigeon blood. It’s a beautiful red.
The two jewels that didn’t look out of place gazed at me happily.
Reflected in his eyes, I was pathetically agitated.

I don’t get it at all.
Why did sight suddenly return to his left eye.
No doubt about it, a while ago he shouldn’t have been able too see in it.
The me who completely couldn’t understand what happened just stared at Cain.

Cain happily smiled at such me, and slowly got up.

“I’ve said that a magic formation is engraved in my left eye. That magic formation by nature cannot be used until I settle on a master. That’s why I couldn’t see in this eye. It’s obvious I’d be able to see as before once the contract is complete”

Perhaps finding the bangs he grew out to hide his left eye troublesome, Cain brushed them up.
The left eye than hadn’t had light in it before, as if that fact was a lie, now had the same brilliance as the other.
That eye captivated me, and it narrowed in satisfaction.

“Please take care of me from now on”
“… Likewise”

While surprised, I still accepted his words.
After checking the surroundings, Cain presented me a hand.

“Look, let’s return to your room soon. Won’t you be troubled if the guards notice?”
“Woah, I forgot!”

Afterwards, thanks to Cain’s secret art I managed to return to my room safely.
I was saved as we returned before it could become an uproar, but it certainly made me realize this convenience could also get me targeted.
I don’t feel like having another troublesome thing, but oh well.
Let’s think of him as a friend I can speak my mind to.


In any case, that’s how I somehow obtained my personal ninja.

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