Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 56

She and the Temptation


Freed’s voice was sweet through and through.
Being hugged tightly, I became intoxicated. Not feeling like struggling free, I entrusted myself to Freed’s arms, when I heard a low, yet astonished voice.

“Ah, sorry while you’re lost in the world of just you two. But, could you come back to reality already”

I came to my senses hearing a voice that seemed Brother’s.

What was I just doing? Wasn’t I hugging Freed with all my strength in public?

“Alex, you’re nuisance”
“Oi oi, is that what you’re saying to the childhood friend who came back to the Royal Capital to be your close aide”

As he continued hugging me, who solidified after returning to reality, without seeming to particularly mind Freed glared at Brother.
Brother completely ignored that gaze with a meaningful smile.

“There’s no reason to show off in such a place, is there. It’s good the relationship between His Highness the Crown Prince and his fiancée is good, but understand it’s unpleasant and let go of her already. You are in the center of attention”
“I don’t particularly mind though”
“You might not mind, but Lidi is different. Look at the poor thing, she solidified”

I was pointed at by Brother. But Freed absolutely didn’t feel like letting go, rather he put his whole strength into the embrace.
It hurts.
Finally growing restive, I raised my voice.

“Le… let go, Freed. It’s embarrassing…”

I felt like running away. being watched by the great number of peopl, I was absolutely insane a moment ago.

Seeing me tremble in Freed’s arms, Brother grabbed his shoulder.

“Look? I won’t tell you to stop, so continue when it’s just the two of you. Enough showing off”
“… I understand. Then Lidi, shall we go”

Freed reluctantly released me, and this time wrapped his arm around my waist.
Then he started walking. I was made to follow.
He softly whispered into my ear.

“There’s free time before the victory celebration party. It’s not much, but let’s slowly pass it in my room with just us two”

Due to the line that obviously suggested something, my face suddenly grew red.
As the invitation was too direct, I unconsciously hung my head.
Seeing me like this, Freed muttered “Really, cute”.

“What’s with that reaction… Hey, Alex. Lidi is too cute”
“Ah? There’s no way my sister wouldn’t be cute. Since you understand, go quickly. I’ll do what I can with work… Instead, let’s talk afterwards”
“As expected of Alex. I am counting on you”
“Then, laters”
“O… Older Brother”

After they finished their hushed exchange, I called Brother, who all too easily left me to Freed, to halt.
Eh, what. Is he really leaving like that…?

“Nn? Old man also said it, right? Freed is the central figure of this victory. Heal him”

Heal… After all it meant that!!
With all my heart I scowled at Brother who chuckled. However, Freed, with his arm around my waist promptly began walking.

“Wah, wait a moment”
“I’m not waiting. I’ve waited for a whole month. I don’t want to wait even a moment longer”
“… Ah”

Every single of his word was filled with unabashed desire.
My back shivered.

… I admit it. I’ve been looking forward to this moment.

“Father, until the victory celebration party begins, I will spend time with my fiancée”
“Yeah, I thought you would say so. I don’t mind, but don’t be late for the victory celebration party”

While leading me out, Freed called out to the King nearby.
The King easily accepted his words. Father next to him said nothing.
It appears the two of them don’t feel like stopping Freed.

Certainly, we are engaged and preparing to get married. Moreover, we already had sexual relations.
Given that, the reaction of Father isn’t wrong. It isn’t wrong.
Even so, he could have said something.

“Both of us will attend the victory celebration party. Well then, excuse us. Come, we have no time. Let’s go quickly, Lidi”
“Eh… Ah…”

In a fluster I bowed to both of them and once again got dragged off by Freed.
It felt like the surprised gazes of people around pierced me, even so I had no choice but to follow.




Just like the month ago, I was brought to his room.
As soon as we entered the room and reached the bedroom, Freed pushed me down on the bed and stole my lips as if he’d been tired of waiting.

“N… nn… na, hey… I’m saying wait”
“Nope, I said I won’t. For this whole month I’ve been starving for Lidi. Let me replenish it”

I was cut off to not let me escape.
Impatiently, he started deeply kissing me over and over. I was also unconsciously influenced by his discomposure unlike before.
Feeling it’s been a long time, before I noticed I responded to him by wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Ha… Freed”

I pulled the man looking at me with passionate gaze towards myself.
Then, suddenly I realized.

“I forgot something important!”

I pushed Freed’s chest aside and sat up.
Surprised by my loud voice, Freed easily got off me.

“Lidi, what’s wrong?”

On the bed, I drew near Freed, whose face said he doesn’t understand what I meant.

“Father said you were alright, but Freed, do you have any injuries? Are you okay?”

Yes, whether Freed wasn’t injured has been on my mind constantly.
I thought of absolutely checking personally once we met.
Rather than embracing each other, I need to confirm it first.
Under my fixed stare that allowed no falsehood, Freed raised both his hands and denied.

“I don’t have any. In the first place, this time it wasn’t such a severe campaign”
“Yup, not even a single scratch”
“I see, I’m glad…”

Hearing his reply, I patted my chest in relief.
When I heard it’s nothing, relieved, I smiled.
Seeing this, Freed gently hugged me who sat up.

“… By any chance, have you been worried about me?”

I knit my brows at the unexpected words.
Though imperfect, he’s my fiancé. What’s wrong with worrying.

“Isn’t that obvious”
“I’m happy”

Upon receiving a positive reply, Freed happily narrowed his eyes.

“If Lidi had been worried, it might have been worth it to do my best for that month”
“I’ve heard the war finished right away though?”

When I recalled what Father told me, while stroking my hair Freed spoke.

“Surprisingly, that’s how it was. The reason it takes time is mostly post-war office work. Because of it I couldn’t come back here… Lidi, I’ve missed you. For the past month, I could only think that”
“… Yup”

I nodded bumping our foreheads together.
I clutched his clothes.
I thought of being honest just a little.

“I also… wanted to meet you”

The next moment, with an expression of disbelief, Freed strongly hugged me.
So strongly that I thought I’d get crushed. But, somehow I felt spellbound by how comfortable it felt, and meekly wrapped my arms around him.
At such reaction, he let out a hot breath.

“Ah, it seems like a lie. You’re truly irresistible. Lidi, I like you. I love you. I won’t ever let go”

Once again, I was softly pushed onto the bed sheet. At Freed’s eyes shining with hunger, I swallowed saliva with a gulp.
―――― Aah, we’re doing it.

Despite being pushed down, I calmly thought about the time remaining until the victory celebration party.
Thinking about preparations for the party, like adjusting my makeup, there’s no time.
While I was deep in thought, his hand restlessly touched my chest.
I unintentionally giggled at his movements more desperate than usual.

I don’t think Freed will be satisfied with that, but even so, if he wants it, I feel it’s fine, and as I decided to obediently surrender myself, suddenly I looked up at the ceiling.
Ceiling… Nn? Wait a moment?
No no, it’s absolutely no good!!

I was completely swept away, but as I remember a certain thing, my face turned pale. In the blink of an eye I came to my senses.

“Hey… wait!!”

I brushed away Freed with more force than before. Seeing my menacing look, Freed frowned. I guess he never thought we’d stop here. It also isn’t what I want. However.
Cold sweat flowed.

Perhaps, Cain may be above the ceiling right now…!!

Having realized that, I absolutely couldn’t bring myself to do it.
I don’t have preference for being watched.


As he looked at me with suspicion, I desperately thought about what I should say.
I can’t talk about Cain yet. On the other hand, in this situation where we might be seen, I can’t do it no matter what.
Somehow, I have to prevent us from embracing right now. I can’t be fussy about the method.

For an immediate result, I only have a poor plan.
I get that I’ll regret it later. Under normal circumstances I’d never choose it.
But, it can’t be helped. It’s the only thing that I came up with in this short amount of time!

Having resolved myself, I feigned bashfulness and looked up at Freed with upturned eyes.

“Freed. Hey… Right now, umm…. We don’t have much time?”

Not understanding what I meant, Freed looked bewildered.
Continue, this is the only way. Keep at it! Me!!
Desperately encouraging myself, I furthermore said.

“Since it’s our long awaited reunion, I thought of doing it a lot with Freed today… So, I dislike having to worry about the time until the victory celebration party”
“Because, it absolutely won’t be satisfying like that. It’ll feel incomplete… Or Freed, are you different? Can you be satisfied by embracing me for such a short time?”
“… No way”

As I desperately endured embarrassment to say that, Freed returned words of denial.
… Good.
I worried what to do if he said he’d be satisfied.

“I think I won’t be satisfied unless I continue embracing you for three days and three nights”

The answer far exceeded my expectations――――!!

“… I’m happy”

Oi oi oi oi… Is this man serious!!
Three days and three nights, and his eyes are serious! I absolutely can’t go along with that.
Although I shouted on the inside, I intently continued executing the mission.

Good grief, I have to go through an awful thing thanks to Cain.
Where in the world is that guy.

“… So, endure for now? Instead, once the victory celebration party ends… okay? I’m going to stay today, so let’s do it a lot until Freed is satisfied? … Is that no good?”
“… Truly?”

To Freed, who asked with a slightly suspicious face, I nodded with my cheeks reddened. Of course, I don’t feel like lying. I know I’m stepping on a landmine, but without saying this much I probably won’t be able to get out of the current situation.

What’s important is right now! Right now!!

Who’d do that while there’s a chance of being watched!!

“Hey, can I have my fill of Freed tonight?”

To deal the finishing blow, I looked at him fixedly and said so, to which he pressed down on his mouth and turned away.
Deep down I was flustered that I might have failed, but on a closer look his ears are red.

“Jeez… what should I do… She’s too cute… I mean I want to push her down right now. I want to put it in…. Ignore the victory celebration party and embrace her all night long”

Damn it, it had the opposite effect!?
The monologue he’s muttering to himself is very much scary.
No, the leading actor, Freed, must absolutely attend.
Or rather, if we do it, for what reason did I spout those damned embarrassing lines. I can’t allow that.

“It’s regrettable, but we can’t. Hey, why don’t we talk a little until the victory celebration party? I want to talk to Freed normally”

When I appealed to the best of my ability while covering my turmoil, Freed turned my way and looked at me as if to say it can’t be helped.

“… I understand. If Lidi says so, I’ll refrain for now. But, prepare for tonight. I absolutely won’t let you sleep”
“Ye… yeah”

With a stutter, I accepted his declaration said in a sweet voice that seemed to contain malice.
Huh, is it decided it’s an all-night course.
I’m aware I don’t have the right to veto, but I thought he’d let me off a little.
I somehow managed to avert the immediate crisis, but I absolutely have to get in touch with Cain and talk with him. Mainly, about where he is.
It’s the top priority.

“I truly don’t want to send you home… For now, you’ll stay tonight, right?”

When I nodded, Freed brought his face closer.

“Then it’s a promise”

Saying so, Freed lightly kissed me. I responded to it, to convey I acknowledge his thoughts. Soon, the kiss turned into a deep one, kuchu kuchu, sound of water resounded.

“Fu…. Haa”
“… Fufu. It’s not at all enough, but I’ll stop at that. Else I won’t be able to hold back”

After indulging himself, which I found perfectly sufficient, Freed slowly separated with a hint of regret.
A voice filled with impossible to conceal craving. Although being affected by it I was about to break, somehow I managed to endure.

I took a breath. It seems I managed to avoid the problem for now.
And after collecting myself, I finally noticed his appearance.

Spontaneously my eyes widened.
Ah, what a thing…

Military Uniform Festival… Again… Is it?

In an instant my brain heated up.
Reflexively I put a hand to my mouth.
I haven’t noticed until now, but he’s wearing a little simpler version of the previous formal military uniform.
The color is the same as before. Just, the over the top ornaments have been largely removed, what remains is the minimum to show his status like the aiguillette. There’s no mantle. It feels like it’s not for watching, but just for battle.
It’s a more practical design that facilitates body movements.

It really is terrific how it suits him.
Moreover, with his hair swept behind, his handsome features are even more highlighted. A few loose forelocks frame his face, creating an indescribable sex appeal.
As I unblinkingly gazed at Freed without making a single movement, understanding I’m fascinated he smiled wryly.

“This late?”
“!! Because… I haven’t noticed until now”

I was preoccupied by Freed’s return, so I truly didn’t look at his attire.
How could I of all people fail like that. To ignore Freed’s military uniform.
Freed slightly smiled at me feeling vexed from the bottom of my heart.

“Nothing, I’d thought that Lidi would certainly be pleased. I think it’s amusing seeing the expected reaction”

I can’t say anything to him who’s in high spirits.
After all, it’d already been exposed. There’s no use to keep up appearances this late.
… Aah, it really is cool.

“… Hey, should we continue?”

Amused by my reaction, Freed changed his tone, and in a voice oozing with sensuality asked a question. His fingers slowly caressed my jaw. When they touched my cheek, an alluring smile appeared on his face.
Drawn by this smile, I felt like nodding.
Or rather, in my mind I’m nodding at full power.
I can’t. I have to break up the festival. Now is truly no good.

“Ye… Let’s not”

… I almost said YES.
When I somehow regained my composure and declined, Freed laughed, both in regret and in amusement.

“Lidi, you’re easy to understand. Actually, you hesitated a little. Look, come here”

Brought into Freed’s hug, I was sat sideways on his knees.
Not understanding why I was in this position, I looked up at Freed.
Then he dropped a kiss on my forehead.

“Because you made me wait until night, at least stay here. I want to feel Lidi’s warmth”

There’s no reason to refuse that much.
While at it, I forcibly stopped Military Uniform Festival in my brain.

Then, as I obediently settled between his legs I clung to his torso for balance.
Taking the opportunity, I pressed my cheek to his chest.
It was a completely unconscious action.
Freed’s body shook with a start.

“… Lidi, I beg you, don’t instigate me”

As I didn’t mean to do anything special, I tilted my head.
With a sigh, Freed looked at me troubled.

“To do it unconsciously, what a sinful nature. Jeez…”

Readjusting his hug, Freed looked up at heavens and pressed down his forehead.
After letting out a big sigh, he once again looked at me.

“… I truly want to embrace you here, but I promised to do as Lidi says. You said you want to talk, right. Is there something you want to hear?”

As Freed said anything is fine while holding me in his arms, I said then and pondered.
The answer came right away. With a nod I spoke to Freed.

“For now, I want to hear about the last month. Just tell me what you can, let me hear what you’ve been doing, Freed”

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10 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 56

  1. I find it hilarious that I, personally, was hoping for the “Military Festival” bit to return, more than them just getting straight to it. Lidi’s one true weakness.

    Also that her brother and Father simply accepted she was to be ravished by Freed, while the King completely understood (poor queen).

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  2. This is such a refreshing chapter! For Lidi’s attitude change towards Freed, mutual response ❤️ And I like how Freed is totally following her feelings and not forcing her. Alright, to more Freed & Lidi cute scenes!

    Thanks so much for the translation!

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