Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 60

Older Brother’s follow-up 2

“Oi, pull yourself together”

Accompanying my heartbroken childhood friend, I went to this man’s room in the Magician Division headquarters.
After warning other magicians to not approach no matter what and entering the room, Will sat down on a chair in silence.

“It must’ve been a great shock. Well, it’s natural if something like that is flaunted”

As his head hung down in dejection, I patted Will’s shoulder and looked up at the clock.
There’s a few hours until the victory celebration party. Until then it’s necessary to recover Will a bit.
But, right?

“… It’s impossible”

Spontaneously I looked at the heavens.

In reality, Will’s horribly depressed.
Still, it’s his duty to participate in the victory celebration party as the Magician Division Commander.
This guy would participate even if it’s impossible, but I can’t say he’s in the normal state of mind.

At any rate.

I was honestly surprised my little sister didn’t notice Will.
She could only see Freed that much.

But, she shouldn’t flaunt it before his eyes.
Will was really damaged.
Unconsciously, I let out a sign at how my little sister dealt him the finishing blow.

“… Haa”
“… I knew as well”

As I kept worriedly patting Will to soothe him, with his head still hung down he began spilling words little by little.

“I went to battlefield with His Highness, and had the opportunity to talk… His Highness thinks of Lidi seriously, I understood there’s no gap for me to use”

Will’s words reminded me these guys have been together for a month. I think.
Spending such time together, of course they’d have plenty opportunities to talk.

“His Highness thinks of Lidi earnestly. Surely Lidi will become happy. In that case, I had thought of supporting these two. Even if it’s painful now, I had wanted to one day watch over them with gentle feeling. But, I was only burying my feelings… I realized that unpleasant thing some time ago”

His fists were clenched to the point of growing pale. His teeth made grinding sound.

“Why was it Lidi who His Highness fell in love with… Anybody else would be fine. If anybody else was the partner, I’d cheer on His Highness from the bottom of my heart, why did it have to be her?”

I couldn’t reply anything. Surely no matter what I said Will wouldn’t be convinced.

“Women were a dime a dozen. Even girls with family status appropriate for His Highness, I know marriage proposals were coming even from foreign countries. Why couldn’t it be somebody among them! Why was Lidi chosen!”
“Will… Nevertheless, you understand Lidi was Freed’s foremost fiancée candidate?”

What Will said just now is the truth.
But, even if there were many of them, Freed’s foremost fiancée candidate has always been my little sister.
This position has never been shaken.
That’s to say, unless something huge happened, my little sister would marry Freed without fail, it’s just that. Even without that thing before, they’d invariably meet sooner or later. And when they met…

“I understand! But, His Highness too! Even Lidi!! Didn’t they hate it so much!! That’s why this marriage was unthinkable! That’s what I thought, and yet!”

Contrary to Will’s raised voice, I kept the composed tone.

“Even you knew it was a marriage between families. Their wishes didn’t matter, it was their parents who decided it”
“But! They should have tried to avoid it!”

Still not wanting to admit it, Will petulantly shook his head.
I involuntarily smiled bitterly at Will who’s acting like a spoiled child.

“That’s right. Even so, it couldn’t be helped they met by chance. They met, Freed lost his heart to Lidi, and Lidi and Freed will marry… In the end she accepted”

That’s the reality.


As Will was still trying to say something, I feel bad for it, but I’ll deliver the final blow.
There’s the ‘Royal Flower’. No matter what he says, my little sister will never become Will’s.
Besides, my little sister’s feelings have already settled.
Even if he hates it, it must have been obvious looking at them a while ago.

“You understand, right? She’s still not aware of it, but she’s in love with Freed. That she’s not aware yet makes me want to laugh though”
“Even though you understand Lidi’s feelings for Freed, you still won’t give up?”

Being told that Will sank into silence, but eventually he took a big breath.

“… Impossible. My reason knows giving them a blessing is right, but… I can’t give up on her. I’m sure I’ll always keep loving her”
“I bet. You are a really stubborn guy”

At Will’s reply, I laughed that rather it’s so like him.
Still, I know that’s no good. I can see anguish on Will’s face.
Ah jeez, why are all my childhood friends so troublesome?
Irritated, I thrust out my finger.

“I got it. Will, if it’s like this always love Lidi”
“Alex? What are…”

Will looked at me questioning what I’m saying.
But I’m serious, Because, it’s the only thing left.

“You can’t give up on Lidi no matter what, right. Then, show it to the end. That’s also a path”
“But, I…”

Pardon me but I got a little irritated by Will hanging his head again.
I unintentionally clicked my tongue.

“You truly are indecisive, Will. Answer clearly now! Can you give up on Lidi? How about it?”
“It’s impossible”

When I inquired, he immediately replied in a decisive tone.
See, after all it’s like that.

“Right? Then, you have no choice but to keep loving her, right. Even when she gets married, even when she gives birth to a child, even then. If the time comes when you can’t, then you’ll have given up on Lidi. Such a time will come”

Told so, Will shook his head with a perplexed face.

“I don’t know when it will come”
“Ain’t that fine. You’re too single-minded to give up. Then facing forward it’ll be much better if you continue loving her”
“… Is that fine?”

I nodded that it can’t be helped at Will who timidly peeked at me.

“That guy wouldn’t tell you something like he resents you for falling in love in her… Like this, you won’t be able to agree to it yourself. Until you can, it’s fine to continue loving her. Anyhow, the other party hasn’t noticed at all, even Freed’s attitude hasn’t changed”

… Probably.
When it comes to Lidi, I can’t say for sure since he seems strangely narrow-minded about her.
Nevertheless, he doesn’t treat Will unfairly. Freed is such a man. I trust him as much as I trust Will, moreover I have a high opinion of him. No matter what, he’s the future ruler.

“His Highness wouldn’t do that. I’m aware of it myself”

Sure enough, Will objected to my words. Right? Then.

“If so, there’s no problem. Love her until it settles down”
“And if it doesn’t?”

It’ll be alright, I told the anxious Will.

“It’s fine since you’ve loved her for a long time. I think you have curious tastes, but to each his own. You should do as you like. Whatever you’ll choose from now on, I won’t deny you”

At my words, tension finally left Will’s shoulders.
He smiled in self-deprecation.

“… In the end, there’s no path but to love Lidi”
“Stupid. You are. You’re saying it this late”

Told so, Will laughed with resignation.
Seeing his expression like he got over it somewhat, I was relieved that he probably made up his mind.

I’ve known from the start.
There’s no way this man can easily give up on my little sister.
That’s why, I thought it’ll be fine for him to keep at it till the bitter end.

“… Certainly, it’s late. That’s right. There’s no other choice for me. Then there’s nothing but to toughen up and keep loving her”
“Even so, the fact you were given the cold shoulder remains unchanged”

When I jokingly pointed out, I was scowled at.
I shrugged my shoulders at such Will.
I repeated the same thing with pretty words.

“After all, it’s the truth. From now on it’ll surely be painful. I too only recently realized, but their love can’t be seen as anything other than mutual. When Lidi becomes conscious of it, you know they’ll be sticking together all day and night? You’ll be seeing it soon… Hey, are you really prepared?”
“… Alex”

Facts are facts. As I lightly told him that on purpose, Will’s eyes dyed with anger.
But, I don’t give a damn. Again I said what I think.

“I was surprised as well. Lidi unexpectedly also seems to be the type to not care about her surroundings. Right now, I wonder if she’s flirting in his room to her heart’s content”

I completely ignored him calling out my name in an irritated voice to control myself.
Without caring I continued.

“Perhaps, they won’t come to the victory celebration party? It will be said His Highness’s and Princess Consort’s physical condition deteriorated, even though they’ll absolutely be doing it”

Will’s voice got louder and louder.
But, I’m not stopping. In the first place, I don’t feel there’s a need to stop.

“No, you saw it, right? That mass of love marks. Freed’s libido is high. They’re already in such a relationship, and he’s alone with the girl he loves. Wouldn’t it be strange if he didn’t do anything? It wouldn’t be strange if they were making out right now. Ah, I really wonder if they’ll come to the victory celebration party?”

As I threw the question at him, Will was glaring at me with his face flushed.
Aah, he’s got quite angry.

“… You, do you want to comfort me or rub salt into my wounds”

My childhood friend was so angry he spoke in a rumbling voice, to which I lightly smiled and waved my hand.

“There’s no way I’m comforting you. I’m simply teaching you the reality so you can face the future”

Being told so in a deliberately light voice, Will returned a desperate shout.

“It’s none of your business!”
“That so? I think it’s important”

Told so with a laugh, Will sighed wearily.

“You are… You are always like that when I want to thank you. If you’re dodging it like this, I won’t say anything. Wouldn’t it be fine if you let me put it into words a little?”
“I wonder. Even if I’m told that, I just didn’t want to see you depressed and hesitant…. I don’t need thanks”

I faced Will for one last confirmation.

“… Will you appear at the victory celebration party?”

Hearing Will’s reply said with a firm eyes and nod, I finally understood my role is over.
It was quite troublesome, but with this feeling he should get back on his feet.

I don’t care about more. He’s a grown man, he can manage it himself.

With an alright I looked up at the clock. Aah, it’s the time already.

“Then, I’ll drop by Glenn for a moment. See you later”
“Oi, Alex!”

Will raised a hand and in a hurry tried to call out to me who tried leaving quickly, but I didn’t give a damn.
As I said just now, it feels disgusting being thanked by that guy, in the first place I didn’t come here for that.

I completely ignored Will’s voice, and to fulfill my considerably delayed promise, this time I headed towards the room Glenn is waiting in.

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  1. Every time Glenn gets mentioned, I remember Freed making him go through every portrait of noble girls in the kingdom to find the “girl he loves” until “That’s your fiancee.” lol.

    If that was me, it would be about that time when I bring a chair down on Freed’s head for wasting my time.

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  2. Alex you’re so savage~ XD

    Another Will chapter… every time I read it my heart hurts.. it’ll be just fine if Will is a detestable man, but no, Will is a kind man…which makes him even more pitiful..
    I guess with him keep loving Lidi like this.. we’ll see more of his POV… 😭


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