Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 61

He and His Confidant

After the enjoyable while with my beloved Lidi, I entrusted her to Head Court Lady and headed for my office.


She was adorable――――.

While walking through the corridor, I recalled her charming figure some time ago and unknowingly my mouth slackened.
It’s the story from a little while ago when I shut myself in my room with Lidi, who came for fiancé greeting.
Happy meeting her after the long time and unable to resist my endlessly boiling sexual desire, I pushed her down upon arriving to my room.
Even though she told me to wait, she wrapped both her hand around my back, but the very moment I thought I could freely indulge in Lidi who responded to the kiss, betraying my expectations she told me to wait.

Normally I wouldn’t accept it. Or more precisely, I was at my limit wanting Lidi, I wasn’t thinking of something like enduring.
Even if a month isn’t a long time, I’ve been separated from her. What’s wrong with enjoying the lovely being I finally have in my arms once again.

However, I reluctantly nodded to her plea.
… No, it’s correct to say I was made to nod.

With flushed cheeks and upturned eyes Lidi suggested we spend the night together.
Saying she doesn’t want to embrace while being pressed for time, she surely seemed worried about something.
It’s not like I wasn’t curious, but it didn’t feel like she was lying. Moreover, the promise to stay over was an extremely attractive proposal to me.
Furthermore, she dealt the finishing blow by informing me she’ll gladly do it until I’m satisfied.
Her expression was so dizzyingly sweet, I didn’t want to miss the chance to have my fill of her to my heart’s content, so I nodded declaring that I won’t let her sleep.
If I endure now, in a few hours I will be able to indulge in Lidi to my heart’s content. I’ll make her raise sweet voice all night long.

Finding it regrettable, I nodded to her words and we exchanged the promise. Still, unable to endure, with a pretext that I won’t put it in, I enjoyed her.

As she melted from pleasure and begged for more, I was close to thrusting it in how many times.
While regretting making a strange promise, I endured.

Once I put it in, I would want to be absent from the victory celebration party for sure. There’s also the promise with Lidi.
I desperately retained reason that was about to snap and somehow managed to release her.

After that, I’ll finish the work quickly, fulfill my duty at the victory celebration party and promptly return to my room. I want to embrace her as much as time permits.

While thinking so, I arrived at my office, and opening the door was greeted with Glenn and Alex seriously talking near my work desk.
As the door opened, both of them turned this way in unison.
Glenn bowed in silence, but Alex only tilted his head.

“Huh? Freed. Why are you here?”

As usual, I bitterly smiled at the too direct question. This man truly doesn’t know what it means to hold back.
But, it’s strangely comfortable, so I don’t feel like reproaching him.

Telling me to wait a moment, Alex faced Glenn, and gave him a few words.
Then Glenn nodded and having obtained my permission excused himself and left.

It appears the hand-over just finished. It seems it’s taken quite a while, still Glenn appears to be immediately returning to the chivalric order.
As I saw Glenn off, Alex began talking to me.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve just finished. So? What are you doing here?”

I approached Alex who had doubt written on his face and picked up pending documents from the desk.
While looking over them, I spoke.

“What, you say, is it so strange I came to my own office?”
“That’s not strange, but isn’t it your reunion after a long time? Knowing you, I was sure you’d be doing that until the very last minute, and in the worst case might not even appear”
“You… What did you just say to me….”

I sighed at those unabashed words. I put back the documents on the desk and raised my face.
It’s certainly hard to deny that, but isn’t Lidi Alex’s little sister.
This line is too cruel for an older brother.

“As expected, not attending the victory celebration party is impossible. I have this much discretion… But, you’re right. I won’t send Lidi home today, I wonder if you’re happy with that”

When I taught him I’ll have her stay in my room, Alex knitted his brows for an instant and shook his hands.

“… Is that so. He he, how passionate. Got it. I’ll tell old man”
“Just in case let me tell you, I’ve naturally obtained consent. Afterwards, I also talked about it with Lidi”
“… I understand”

Alex reacted to my words with a twitch, and in an instant erased his joking expression.

“Okay. Then I won’t say anything more. Get along to your hearts’ content. More importantly, Freed, have you had Lidi confess yet?”

I made a bitter face at Alex’s words that splendidly hit the nerve. It’s a little painful being told that. The reason being, I still haven’t received the decisive words from her.

But, it’s no use hiding it from Alex.
I weakly shook my head.

“No, unfortunately not yet… She doesn’t quite respond. From her attitude I think she loves me, but she hasn’t said anything yet”
“Ah, after all it’s like that”

Alex’s attitude, as he said so awkwardly, bothered me.

“Alex? Do you know anything”
“… Nah, not really. Or rather, don’t ask me. That’s a foul play. It’s your job to have your fiancée confess”

To Alex saying show you can do it, I responded of course with a nod.

“Well, I understand that, no matter how long it takes, I absolutely intend to have Lidi confess”
“… Didn’t you get the order wrong? It may be late, but until she properly confesses, how about not embracing her?”
“That’s impossible”

When I immediately replied Alex made an amazed face.

Even so, what’s impossible is impossible.
I want to hear Lidi say she loves me, and I don’t intend to spare efforts for that, but that alone is unacceptable.
When I embrace her, I feel happiness, relief, and satisfaction.
I can’t lose any of these anymore.

“Perhaps I could endure had I not embraced her, however now that I’ve experienced it, it’s impossible. I can’t turn back to how I was before I knew Lidi. Lidi is here, moreover she doesn’t refuse me, so why should I endure?”

Yes, as surprising as it is, she hasn’t refused me even once.
It only takes sweet whispers to charm her, then her whole body accepts me.
She herself told me she doesn’t find being embraced unpleasant, rather it feels like she loves it.
Now, if only she says the decisive words, I’ll be confident I was truly able to obtain her.

As he heard my story, Alex clicked his tongue a little.

“That idiot is… Well, that’s right”

Alex tried saying something, but as he told me to forget with a sigh, I fixed my gaze at the desk whose owner returned.

Finally, the original owner returned to the desk that has been hardly used for this past year.
While talking to me, he’s been briskly doing work, he feels as reliable as ever.

Similarly, I also sat at my desk.
Having confirmed I sat down, Alex addressed me again.

“And? You neglected my little sister and came to work? Say what you like, but I have a problem with that…”

I briefly explained the circumstances to Alex who said if it’s about work, I said I’d do it.
While talking about this, both of our hands stopped.

“There’s no way I’d neglect Lidi. She’s now in the middle of preparation for the victory celebration party together with Head Court Lady. As I have a little time, I thought of getting some work done. Until tomorrow morning, I want to be together with her as much as possible…”
“Ha? Middle of preparations? What’re you saying. She was formally dressed, right? There’s no real reason to change clothes… Ah, I see. You’ve actually laid your hands on her?”

My hands stopped for a moment, and while looking in his reproachful eyes nodded without a hint of shame.
I have no intention of concealing that.

“Well, that’s how it is. I’m also a healthy man. There’s no way I wouldn’t touch my beloved women when it’s us two alone”
“Some time ago you talked about discretion… No, it’s fine”

Alex, whose shoulders dropped as if to say anything more would be a waste of words, suddenly raised his face and said.

“That’s right, there’s something I’ve been thinking of telling you”

As I asked, he replied in a slight whisper.

“… I think you’ve also realized, but it was old man’s scheme to have Lidi be completely unaware of the etiquette of men and women. I think sooner or later old man will surely teach it, but until then, even if she does something strange, could you stay silent and ignore it”
“She doesn’t really need to be taught though”

I broadly grinned at Alex who’s looking at me puzzledly.

“The uninhibited Lidi is cute. I’m plenty satisfied with how she’s now, I wish you wouldn’t do unnecessary things”
“Unnecessary things… Oi, you, what are you thinking”

Seeing my dark smile, Alex perfectly dropped his documents and faced me.

“Who knows? But, since Lidi won’t ever be acquainted with a man other than me like that, what problem is there if the person himself agrees?”
“No, that’s true, but…”

While taking a sidelong glance at Alex who said really, what are you doing while holding his head, I tossed the finished documents in the processed box and thought of her whom I parted with some time ago.

From the day I met Lidi, she kept responding to all my requests one after another.
Of course it may be because she doesn’t know the etiquette, but still, I certainly feel refreshed and delighted by her successively defying noble common sense.

I was fed up with the ‘Etiquette of men and women’ rampant among this country’s nobility from the bottom of my heart.
Correct posture and correct sexual intercourse. Shyness is considered a virtue for women, they let men have their way in bedroom. Men also don’t do unnecessary things, they only insert in the man-on-top position and ejaculate.

Even if she insisted on such sex this late, there’s no way I’d agree.
I want to see that disheveled Lidi.
I find her begging me to insert irresistibly cute, I don’t want to think I’d never see that again.

Although it’s not well known. among citizens with the exception of nobility, and in foreign countries freer sex is practiced.
The nobility of this country looks down on those acts as unthinkable, but for those people who enjoy their sex life, it’s one of the spices of life, I very much agree with that opinion.
But, it’s the fact that this view wouldn’t be accepted by the nobility of this country.

Well, at this point it doesn’t really matter.
I have my beloved Lidi, together with her we can talk about those techniques and positions I’ve heard of, and put them to practice one by one.
Come to think of it, recently ‘sex toys’ seem to have become popular in the ‘Irvine Kingdom’ to the south.
Let’s by all means order them to have fun with Lidi――――.

While I was immersed in pleasant thoughts, Alex told me to return to work.

“I don’t care what kind of fun you’ll have, but could you not inform me? How about you discuss it together later and decide. I don’t care”
“… Well, I wonder if it’s okay to just cajole her… Ah, I got”

Ignoring Alex’s words, I checked the time.
I tidied up the documents and stood up.

“Alex, sorry, but it’s time for me to go”
“Nn? Ah, as expected you can’t go dressed like this. Got it. I don’t have to change clothes, so don’t worry, I’ll help you prepare after this”
“Please do”

When I came back, I immediately shut myself in my room with Lidi, because of that I’m still in the military uniform.
I can’t attend the victory celebration party like this. I have to change my clothes.

“After I change my clothes, I’ll go escort Lidi immediately. You’ll also attend today, right?”
“It’s impossible not to go even if I don’t want to”

I truly agree with Alex who sulked that it’s troublesome.

“Haha, I also wouldn’t attend if I could”
“What is today’s protagonist saying”
“I don’t care. The main part for me is the time with Lidi afterwards”

Upon hearing those clear words, Alex seriously said.

“Truly, you’ve changed”
“Only the element of Lidi has been added to my existence. Nothing else particularly changed”
“I guess so, but I couldn’t imagine you like this some time ago. I’m glad you can be serious about a woman, but honestly, I feel a complicated that it’s my little sister who caused this”

Seeing Alex make a difficult face exactly as he said that, I returned a wry smile.
Certainly, I also didn’t think it’d turn out like this.

“Aah, I got totally affected by Freed. Should I search for a cute wife soon, I wonder”
“That line, I’m rather tired of hearing it”

I looked up at the ceiling and decided to ignore my childhood friend who started complaining.
I called out to Alex and promptly began to take action to fulfill the schedule.

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10 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 61

  1. Oh Lidi, he’s already planning on what sex toys to use on you. Let’s hope there’s no such thing as a magic-powered vibrator. Or that Lidi may end up awakening to a submissive BDSM-ish streak. Then again, all Freed has to do is wear his military uniform and play “Let’s interrogate” and Lidi would probably be willing to be tied up and shame played, in private of course.

    Liked by 10 people

      1. It’s not unrealistic though; he straight up mentions sex toys, has been obsessive and possessive of Lidi, and the only thing preventing him from basically dragon raeping Lidi is that he doesn’t want to break her into a mindless lover, just make her into a willing partner both in and out of bed.

        And as far as Lidi goes, she did have sexual experience in her past life, so it wouldn’t be too weird if there was one or two adult toys she didn’t mind being used to spice up their intimacy. Not that I expect any to see much use considering Freed’s own stamina and obsession to be one with Lidi as often as reasonably possible. He’d probably get jealous over an adult toy, knowing him.

        And the whole series is about 10 volumes; there’s likely to be a lot of sex acts Freed may want to try with Lidi, especially seeing as to how he refuses to let Lidi learn the cold, ascetic “Bedroom Manners” as he preferred her wild and unrestrained responses to him, and how he’s been imagining different kinds of positions he’s wanted to try in the past.


  2. So the commoners and nobility of other countries don’t have these silly restrictions on sex. I thought as much. When I first read that the queen was a noble from another country it occurred to me that the king might have chosen her in part because he too chafed under the silly sex customs among his own nobles lol. Like Freed, the king probably was happy to find a woman that actually enjoyed the act to it’s fullest.


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