Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 79

She and Her Two Days Before the Evening Party 1

“Mmm, I’m free…”

The afternoon before the audience of the Crown Prince and the evening party. While rolling around in Freed’s room I breathed a sigh.





Two days ago. Having heard that the Crown Prince of Sahaja is coming, jolted in a carriage for the personal use of royalty, I returned to the Royal Castle together with Freed.
There are various preparations to do and things to memorize.
I was convinced by those words, as expected on the very day would be… That’s why I understood I couldn’t not go.
Fire yourself up and do your best. Thinking so my motivation blazed anew. And yet.

―――― The plan was no more than a plan.

First, when we arrived, with an invariant smile Freed brought me to his room without listening to me. Then under the name of continuation from before he embraced me two times with great vigor, when I noticed it was the time for dinner.

I was told the education and dress coordination would begin from the next morning, as expected he took me to his room after dinner, in the name of post-meal exercise I was tasted again.
Even if I couldn’t refuse, unfortunately neither my stamina nor hips would hold on, so worried about tomorrow I desperately persuaded him after he finished to limit the number of intercourses to three.
Freed made an incredibly dissatisfied face, but I intended to make considerable concessions.
There’s the evening party and the audience of the Crown Prince. To be honest, I wish we’d do it once a day.
Then I thought.
Somebody please tell me what’s the average number per night.

I can’t help but worry about the standards of this world.
Is Freed ordinary?
I don’t think so, but unsurprisingly it’s too embarrassing to ask.

Afterwards, this and that had happened, and it became bedtime, but he didn’t let me leave the room as I’d expected.

“Lidi’s room is here?”

With these words he leaned forward and thoroughly indulged into the promised three times.
Speaking of the three times, they had already ended for the day, but he came up with an unclear logic that the three times refer to sex before going to bed.
He seems to be counting differently.
I have no idea why such a talk happened.
… Is it something like a separate stomach for snacks.

Moreover, the intensity of those three times was abnormal, each was strangely long too.
I was made to thoroughly come, even when Freed had finally inserted he showed no signs of coming.
I was shook for a long time, the positions changed, when I said please stop, he gave me kiss marks saying it’s fine if it’s out of sigh, right.

In the end the act lasted until late at night, and I fainted asleep.
The number of times was certainly three, but it felt no different from the usual two-digit number.

But, I wonder if I should be grateful he let me sleep.
I have a little doubt, but surely he didn’t make me go along with it until morning because he paid attention to my needs.

… I wonder if that’s truly it. I may have said that, but I’m far from confident.

The next morning.
I saw Freed off as he left for his office, and in his place the teacher exclusive to the royalty came.
I was thrilled about what I’d be taught, but it was things like knowledge about the surroundings, knowledge and common sense of royalty, name of every noble, their relations, etc., it was the knowledge I’d already known, ultimately it ended as only a review work. There was hardly any new information.

Once I had been told “It was an unnecessary conversation for Princess Consort who hails from the foremost ducal house” in a tone that was neither full of shock nor praise, there was truly nothing else to do.

Afterwards, I only received the explanation about the course of the meeting on the very day.
It was supposed to take at least a day, but I finished in little below half a day.

The afternoon schedule became completely empty, so I consulted with Clara and finished the dress coordination, that was supposed to be done on the next day, earlier.
I wasn’t particularly fastidious about the dress. It seems the design had already been decided so I had my detailed measurements taken, afterwards when asked for the desired color I answered violet.
And that was it.

That’s all.
Everything that had been planned ended without a hitch.
In other words, I had the day before the evening party completely open.

When I told that to Freed when he came back in the evening, after he showed just slightly surprised face I was pushed down as expected.

“I thought it would turn out like this”

As Freed pushed me down on a surprisingly big king-sized bed with a canopy, he smiled with delight.

Could you understand if I called it a smile of a carnivorous animal licking its lips.
With a mood like he’d bite into me, I felt instinctive fear and tried to immediately escape, but I was easily caught.

“As expected of Lidi. Hey, now that you’ve finished preparations, I don’t have to hold back, right?”

He told me that he’ll hold back tomorrow, and while I thought what about that promise I was thoroughly embraced.
Oh well, I carelessly gave my okay. I think that was also a major cause of my defeat.
But no matter how I look at it, asking anything in the middle of the act is a foul play.
While I was toyed with by Freed’s techniques, in a husky voice he asked me “Once more is fine?” to which I could do nothing but nod.
In the end, I was made to cry endlessly until the dawn broke.

For that reason, on the morning of the second day – that is today morning – I was crushed in his embrace.
I had an awful time.

But, I don’t blame Freed.
At the end it was only from time to time, but I remember instigating him thoughtlessly.
I want to erase the fact that I begged him “More” in a seductive nasal voice that I don’t want to remember.

Contrary to the exhausted me, Freed looked to be in a perfect form.
Why, when he shouldn’t have got a wink of sleep.
Such him went to office with a smile some time ago.

I was told there’s nothing for me to do today and to take it easy, so I obediently went to sleep in the morning, but now it’s afternoon. Unsurprisingly I grew bored.

I brought the stamina recovery medicine, so my physical condition is excellent.

In short what I want to say is… I’m truly free.






“Ah, no good. I’ll rot…”

Unable to bear the free time, I got up from bed and having arranged my clothes, headed for the door.
I wasn’t told not to go outside. It’s not like I’m returning to the mansion, so it’s fine.
Because I’d been escaping Freed for a long time, I’m not too familiar with the Royal Castle.
It’s a rare opportunity. To kill time, I decided to go out to explore the Royal Castle.

With a squeaky sound I opened the double doors. The moment my face became visible, my eyes met with a royal guard who was guarding the doors.

“Princess Consort?”

I reflexively froze from the reproachful look in his eyes.

“… I thought of going for a little walk”

As I nervously informed him, the royal guard exchanged looks with another soldier.
I wonder if I’m paranoid to think that in this situation his look is saying, she intends to run away.

No, I don’t intend to do that.
But even if I say that, he might not believe me. I’ve already committed that offense twice.
There’ll be no postponed sentence. I understand.
Still, I tried to humbly appeal to him.

“I will return before His Highness comes back. I only want to walk inside the castle a little”
“So it’s like this”

Then I’ll follow. When the soldier tried continuing like it was natural, I refused in a fluster.
I can’t see him, but Cain should be at my side, there’s no problem with escort.
There’s no way I won’t stand out if I’m accompanied by a royal guard. A carefree stroll would be ruined.

However, the royal guard didn’t give up.
He stood as if to block my way and began domineeringly speaking.

“No, His Highness Friedrich repeatedly, repeatedly inquired to not let Princess Consort go out alone”

He said it twice… This person said it twice.
Saying repeatedly as if to stress it, I felt a little like crying.
Just how untrusted am I.

“It’s… it’s alright. Truly. I don’t intend to do anything dangerous… Will!!”

While I was arguing vehemently to try to somehow get the royal guard to not follow me, I caught sight of Will walking in a corridor at a distance.
As I found it just right and called out to him, Will turned to me with a suspicious look.

Having confirmed it’s me, he came here with a flustered appearance.
Seeing the dark blue robe with silver embroidery woven into, that signified the Magician Division Commander, the royal guard quickly withdrew from me.

“Lidi? Why are you here?”

Will came near me, and standing there looked towards my chest.
The dark blue gradient dress I’m wearing now was prepared by Clara.
The neckline is wide open, the ‘Royal Flower’ is out in the open.
It feels just like walking with a name tag.
Sensing his gaze I felt just a little awkward, still I looked at his face.

“I came ahead of time because of tomorrow’s evening party. I was a little bored so I thought of going for a walk, but… why is Will in such a place?”

Right now, we’re deep inside the Royal Palace, in the royal quarters. There’s no reason for Will to be here.
When I asked thinking so, Will nodded as if convinced.

“… Maintenance of the royal transfer gate”
“Hee, there’s such a thing…”

Last time I went to meet Freed I saw the gigantic transfer gate.

Speaking of other transfer gates I’m aware of, it’s the small ones you can see in towns or churches that anybody can use if they pay a set amount of money and receive permission.

A royal transfer gate… Interested in just what it is, I tugged on Will’s robe.

“Hey, can’t I also come?”

I put my hands together and earnestly asked Will whose eyes had opened wide.
Rather than accompanied by the royal guard, it’ll be much more comfortable and fun with Will.

“I won’t be a bother. I thought if I’m together with Will I won’t need the guard’s escort, it’d help me a lot…”
“But that is… royal…”

As he was about to say something, Will’s gaze once again stopped on the ‘Royal Flower’ on my chest.
I tilted my head, and for an instant Will made a face like he was enduring something.
Then, he shook his head as if he changed his mind.

“… No, it’s nothing. There’s no problem if it’s Lidi”
“Can I?”

I shouted in joy as Will gave a short nod.
I turned to the royal guard with a smile and said.

“There’s no problem if I’m with Will, right?”
“… Yes”

He hesitated for a short while, but eventually the royal guard nodded.
That’s natural.
Together with me is the Magician Division Commander who outclasses him.
Both in ability and authority.

He wouldn’t say no.

“… I’ll be late. You’re coming with me, right? Let’s go”
“Ah, wait wait”

I pursued Will who had started walking, leaving me behind.

Without saying anything Will lowered his speed and matched my pace.

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  1. It’s hard to believe that Lidi doesn’t feel Will’s love for her. This is trouble with a capital “W”. Freed will blow a gasket.


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