Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 84

Court Lady’s Observation

“Okay? Your job is to serve the future Crown Princess with all your heart. The happiness of those two is connected to the future of our country, therefore serve with care. You understand, right?”

As Head Court Lady informed us with a serious face, the five of us who had been chosen as Crown Princess’s court ladies deeply bowed.




Born as the second daughter of a wealthy merchant house I had entered the Royal Palace as a court lady, just how many years has it been already. Of course, by that time rumors about the flawless Crown Prince had already been famous, flawless beauty coupled with a calm personality made him an object of yearning of women of marriageable age all over the country.

Crown Prince whom I caught sight of once in a while was a breathtakingly handsome man. Along with his close aide Lord Alexei at his side, them inducing sighs of admiration was the usual state of things.

But while my fellow court ladies were all enraptured, only I couldn’t help but find Crown Prince frightening.
The eyes that seem to smile without meaning it.
The eyes like deep sea that in reality reflect no one.
I think he’s a very beautiful person, but the eyes that showed no interest in anything frightened me.

I couldn’t help but find it strange why everybody’s hearts could beat fast.

With such a reason I wanted to avoid Crown Prince as much as possible.
I had become a court lady at great pains. During my service, I hope to be introduced to a good marriage partner. There’s no way I wanted to get close to a person who scared me.

… And yet.

“Annie. You will be appointed as Princess Consort’s court lady”

One day I was summoned by Head Court Lady Grimm and what’s worse appointed to Princess Consort.

“I… I will be?”
“That’s right. The plan is to have four more ladies. For now, Princess Consort is still coming here occasionally, but in half a year she’ll officially marry His Highness and enter the Royal Palace. Until then strive to earn Princess Consort’s trust as much as possible”
“Ye… yes”

As a mere court lady, I couldn’t refuse. Thinking normally, it’s a promotion. It means I’ll be become a court lady attached to Princess Consort.
Actually, when I reported it, Father and Mother were both overjoyed.

But, after all I was scared.
Being attached to Princess Consort also means having to meet that Crown Princes. When I thought of those eyes that truly didn’t look at anyone, I couldn’t be happy.
That’s why, when I first saw Crown Prince alongside Princess Consort, I was truly surprised. I could even say I was shocked.
Crown Prince’s face, as he looked with charmed eyes at Princess Consort, was as sweet as water saturated with sugar, it was completely different from the past inhuman face.

“His Highness favors Princess Consort greatly”

I recalled Head Court Lady talk about how it’s not a marriage of convenience. And that Crown Prince himself wished for the engagement.
With the infatuation thrust before me, I realized that the unthinkable story had actually been true.

Honestly, I was relieved.

There’s nothing scary about Crown Prince who favors Princess Consort.
Like this, I thought I may manage somehow.




Tighten the corset to prepare Princess Consort.
Since she’s attending the audience of a foreign visitor today, Head Court Lady has been motivated since morning.
Her determination spread onto us.

I’ve only met her a few times, but Princess Consort seems like an amiable person.
She talks with me with a friendly smile on her face.
At first, I was perplexed by her frankness unbefitting the princess of the foremost ducal house, but I came to understand she’s a big hearted person.

Slender, graceful limbs.
Her skin with a fine smooth texture as expected of the princess of the ducal house had me sigh in admiration.
Worthy of special mention is her thin waist.
Princess Consort’s waist is so thin it could be called the aspiration of maidens.

I found it unfortunate that I still had to tighten the corset, but this is work. Exactly as Head Court Lady ordered, I tightened the corset by three centimeters.
For the sake of her honor I’ll pretend I didn’t hear Princess Consort groan gufu.

More importantly.
What surprised me more than anything were red bruises left all over Princess Consort’s body.

They’re miraculously scattered where they’ll be hidden by a dress.

Of course, I won’t pretend I don’t know what they are.
Princess Consort, who already had the ‘Royal Flower’, that’s the proof of marriage, etched, naturally spends nights with Crown Prince.

In the morning when I prepare breakfast, even if I don’t want to, I catch sight of traces of the love affair on her body, there’s no doubt it’s Crown Prince who made those bruises.
Just looking at the obsession of Crown Prince who seems to claim her his own makes me embarrassed. It’s the same for the other four court ladies.
Since Princess Consort doesn’t seem to notice, nobody is saying anything, but we try to avoid looking her in the face as much as possible.

With the corset tightened and slender dress put on, Princess Consort was sat in front of a mirror and us five arranged her makeup and hair.
Princess Consort’s clear facial features go well with makeup. As instructed by Head Court Lady, she was prettily embellished.

The result needn’t be said. With good source, naturally the degree of perfection also rises.
Looking at Princess Consort standing in front of the mirror once again, I thought the time spent was well worth it.

When Crown Prince came pick her up at that good timing, we bowed our heads.

Crown Prince who approached Princess Consort looked only at her and praised the result.
Princess Consort flushed and hung her head.

That bashful look was lovely, deep down I was surprised.
… I see, I feel I understand Princess Consort’s feelings a little.

It seems like such Princess Consort was also captivated by Crown Prince as she looked at her fiancé ecstatically. With her passionate gaze at him, Crown Prince happily looked at her with a smile. They’re in the world of their own.

Unbearably sweet air set in. Crown Prince gently hugged such her.

I absolutely cannot stand it.
Finding it unbearable I turned my gaze to my surroundings, to see the other court ladies desperately looking down with red faces.

Without minding us, the sweet air between them shows no signs of stopping.
They stared at each other at a distance where their lips would touch at any time, soon their lips naturally overlapped.

Their kisses ended at mere pecking only few times.

Unable to endure, Crown Prince supported her head with his hand as if to urge her.
Princess Consort also wrapped her arms around Crown Prince as if to respond and opened her small mouth.
At the picturesque sight of their deep sweet kiss, everybody looked down at once.

A wet sound reached my ears. Raising my head to steal a fleeting glimpse, I saw Princess Consort fawningly respond to Crown Prince.
Thinking normally it’s an immodest act.
But for some reason it looked joyous. I couldn’t find it one bit immodest.

The kiss that showed no signs of ending was finally stopped by a purposeful cough of Head Court Lady who was unable to bear it.
Crown Prince seemed dissatisfied, but Princess Consort flushed and trembled.

It seems we were completely forgotten.
Her bashful look is lovely. Moreover, seeing Crown Prince gently looking at such Princess Consort, I felt I could do anything for them.

In any case it’s a joyous thing, like this the future of this country looks bright.
At least with how they are no matter what happens they won’t just play a role of married couple.
Even now, with how madly in love they are, it’s too embarrassing to look them in the eyes.
There’s no doubt in the future they’ll become a happily intimate ruling couple.
As a citizen I’m as happy as I can be. I have high hopes for the future.

Deeply bowing to the two of them who left for the audience, I saw them off along everyone.
I’m already relieved at them happily talking while sometimes bringing their faces together.

It’s a well-known fact His Majesty had worried about Crown Prince showing no interest in women.
Now it seems like a lie with how passionate his love is, His Majesty must feel relieved.

I’d like to support Crown Prince and Princess Consort as much as I can.
Having seen them just now, I want to protect their happiness. I thought so strongly.
My fear of Crown Prince completely dispersed, and I made eye contact with my colleagues around.
Each and every one of them nodded with a spirited face. We seem to feel the same.
With our hearts as one, we all vowed to first of all gain Princess Consort’s trust.

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