Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 100

She and the Magical Reduction Bottle

The silver hair glittering in the sunlight was dazzling. As Crown Prince Maximilian appeared in the same formal wear as yesterday, I was so surprised I solidified.

“I tried coming on a whim. I certainly didn’t expect to meet Princess here”

Seeing Crown Prince Maximilian approach with natural movements, I broke my petrification.
No good, what are you doing me! Haven’t I decided to fight.
I gave myself a pep talk and fired myself up. Alright, I’m going!

“Please don’t get closer. Your Highness Maximilian too, why are you here?”

Deep down I was relieved that a voice stronger than expected came out.
These are Wilhelm’s royal quarters. It’s not a place for foreign royalties to enter.
My warning was loaded with such a meaning, but Crown Prince Maximilian knit his eyebrows as if wanting to say what ridiculous thing you’re saying.

“Even if you ask me why. On the way back from saying my farewells to the King of Wilhelm, I simply visited a garden?”
“…! Is, that so”

… That’s bad.
His words made me realize it was me who committed a mistake. Come to think of it, I have a feeling I passed through a break in a hedge while absentminded. Perhaps it was the border between the gardens of the general area and royal quarters.
In other words, before I realized I came to the general area from the royal quarters.

… Wow. I’ve done it.

Unpleasant sweat flowed in drops. Of course I wouldn’t remember the way. I’ve come to a completely different location. That means, this is probably at the edge of the general area. I’m sure that’s why there aren’t any royal guards.

Damn it, I thought, but it’s already too late.
There’s no way out this late, it’s force majeure that I met Crown Prince Maximilian.
In the first place, I had no idea he’d come to the castle today. Farewells… Ah, come to think of it, that’s natural.


While I kept wondering, Crown Prince Maximillian called out to me.
Ah, I can’t I can’t. I have to sustain the battle mode. It’s not the time to be befuddled.

“… Excuse me. And? Does Your Highness need anything from me?”

In an instant I pulled myself together, straightened my back and fixed my eyes on Crown Prince Maximilian.
As if I’d lose, I told myself.

“You’re still keeping up appearances? It was Princess who spoke sharply with vigor. I won’t blame you for impoliteness. It’s fine to speak as you did last night.

To keep even a little distance from Crown Prince who approached here slowly, I slowly fell back as well.
I don’t intend on becoming familiar with this man.

“If that’s Your Highness’s only business, I’ll excuse myself”
“Wait, it’s a rare occasion. Let’s talk a little. And those words. Haven’t I said it many times”
“I would like to decline. I am keeping people waiting. Excuse me”

It’s a complete lie that I’m keeping people waiting.
But, I better excuse myself at this timing.
Sure, I feel like talking him down, but not being involved with this sort of man is unquestionably smart.
Thinking so, I considered leaving this place.
I roughly bowed and turned around.


I heard Crown Prince Maximilian’s voice, but I ignored yet.
Hmph, as if I care.
When I thought that, suddenly I had my wrist pulled again. My spine shivered from discomfort.

“Ouch. Please let go of me!”
“… The exit isn’t in that direction. Do you want to get lost”
“… T h a n k y o u”

… Lame.

“… Please let go of me”

While I started feeling unpleasant for some reason, I tried to shake off Crown Prince Maximilian’s hand. But, I couldn’t separate from the tight grip.

“Your Highness?”
“This mark of ownership on the neck wasn’t there last evening. Prince Friedrich, huh”

I recalled having plenty kiss marks placed in the bath last night, and in a fluster pressed down on it with the free hand. Even though I skillfully hid it with my hair, the moment he approached my hair must’ve got disheveled and it unluckily showed.
As I turned bright red, Prince Maximilian said dispassionately.

“I see, Wilhelm’s ‘Royal Flower’ is the proof of Princess Consort. That’s why despite only being engaged you’re treated as Princess Consort, huh. It seems to have been very thoroughly engraved, but seeing that man’s obsession makes me want to laugh”

I didn’t think he was such a man, with these words Crown Prince Maximilian finally let go of my hand.

Embarrassing. I’d have never thought I’d be found by Crown Prince Maximilian.
After all, I wish I’d be spared from having them put in visible places.
In this case I’d like to leave quickly, but if he says the exit isn’t behind me, it must be behind Crown Prince Maximilian.
I don’t feel like doing this much, but I have to pass by his side to go back.
Even if I’m troubled, it can’t be helped. Surely he won’t move aside even if I ask.
I resolved myself and walked towards him.

“Wait, Princess”
“I’ve said I’m keeping people waiting”
“Phew… That’s a lie, right?”

Told that with full confidence, I was about to stop.
But, I clad myself in a calm aura.

“I wonder? Whether it’s a lie or truth, it’s unrelated to Your Highness”
“Certainly it doesn’t matter. Even if what you’re saying is true, I intend to make you keep me company”

When Crown Prince Maximilian sent a glance, a tall knight blocked my view. He’s dressed differently from Wilhelm’s knights. Going by the timing he’s probably Crown Prince’s excusive guardian knight.

“… Could you let me pass?”

While keeping the tone as calm as possible, I informed so.
But, the dark-blue haired knight before my eyes slowly shook his head left and right.

“I apologize. It is an order from my master”
“Don’t injure her. She’s a woman who’ll be my Princess Consort in the near future”

To Crown Prince Maximilian’s words, the knight shortly bowed and answered.
Oi, who will be whose Princess Consort?

As expected, I don’t think I can escape in two versus one scenario. Unless I make an opening it’s impossible.
It can’t be helped, I resolved myself so and turned to Crown Prince Maximilian.

“You better keep your daydreams just daydreams”

I intended to speak in a voice as cold as possible, but Crown Prince Maximilian didn’t seem like he minded.

“You are my Princess Consort, Princess Lidiana. I decided so. You have no right of veto”
“I said it last night as well, I am the fiancée of His Highness Friedrich. Has Your Highness already forgotten?”
“No? Seeing you flaunt such a blatant mark of ownership I couldn’t have forgotten”

Crown Prince Maximilian’s words that hit the nerve rendered me speechless.

“But that doesn’t matter. I don’t place importance on virginity, eventually you’ll become mine… Ah, that’s right, I unexpectedly met Princess. In that case, shall I bring you back to my country at once, it’ll save me time and effort”
“If you’re doing that, please do it alone”

I replied to Crown Prince Maximilian’s inflammatory words without a hint of agitation.
Perhaps surprised, his eyes narrowed in interest.

“Hou? You’re not frightened even though I said I’d bring you back, huh”
“Why would I need to? Certainly, there are no soldiers here, so it might look like a great opportunity to you. However, we’re still within the Wilhelm castle. It can be said you’re right in the center of enemy territory. I don’t think you, who’s the Crown Prince of Sahaja, would haphazardly act in such a place”

Crown Prince said it was unexpected. Then, he shouldn’t have a concrete strategy. There are too many demerits in running away with me in the current situation. There’s no reason to act for Crown Prince Maximilian who attaches importance to rationally judging loss and gain.

That’s why I said it without fear, but Crown Prince Maximilian just meaningfully smiled.
It’s a smile when he tests people that I saw many times yesterday.
When I knit my eyebrows having noticed that, Crown Prince Maximilian seemed to find it more and more enjoyable.

“Head that can instantly respond to unexpected situations. Princess, after all you pass”
“Please don’t test people as you please”

When I got somewhat irritated by his persistence, Crown Prince Maximilian changed the topic as if we were having a totally inconsequential chatter.

“I said you have no right of veto… Ah, that’s right, Princess. Is Red Shinigami doing well?”
“… I find it hard to understand what you are saying. Shinigami, that sounds dangerous”

Despite the expression on my face saying that I don’t understand, in my heart cold sweat flowed.
Dangerous. I can’t reply here spontaneously.
I was about to get caught up in the sudden topic chance.
Shinigami… It’s about Cain. There’s no mistaking it.
Although I responded calmly, I desperately thought.
Why did Crown Prince Maximilian hear of Cain’s matter.
Cain is excellent, but even so he should be only an assassin. There are similar people in that country, so I don’t understand why Crown Prince is concerned about him.
And, why did he ask me that.
No, I know the reason. Because Cain is at my side. There’s no mistaking it.
What I don’t know is why he knows that. I still haven’t said that to anybody. It shouldn’t be known.

It’s on my mind, but my intuition tells me. I mustn’t give this man the conclusive evidence.

From some time, an alarm in my head has been ringing non-stop.
Escape, escape, it won’t stop urging me so.
Damn it, if I could escape, I would’ve done that a long time ago, I wanted to click my tongue.

Laughing kukuku from the bottom of his throat, Maximilian faced me and said in admiration.

“Hm, good job. You’ve sidestepped it well. But I know even if you hide it. It’s you, right? The one who’s Shinigami’s contractor”

As Crown Prince Maximilian asked confidently, I still decided to continue feigning ignorance. In this situation, I’ll persist with feigning complete ignorance.

“As I have said, I do not understand what you are talking about. If you intend to continue this incomprehensible talk, could I excuse myself this time?”

When I standoffishly turned my face away, Crown Prince Maximilian finally stopped laughing.

“Hmm, very well. Then, Princess. Do you know what this is?”

What Crown Prince Maximilian produced while saying this was an empty bottle the size of a hand with a cap. I don’t know why he suddenly took out such a thing, so in confusion I said its name.

“A glass bottle… is it?”

When I said that, Crown Prince Maximilian lightly shook that bottle.

“Right. It can only look like one. It certainly is a glass bottle. However, it’s magical”

Magical glass bottle? Not understanding what he’s saying, I looked at the glass bottle once again.
I can only see it as a commonplace glass bottle… Or rather, nn? Magical?

“… Doesn’t Your Highness Maximilian hate magic and magical arts?”

Just the other day Will talked about it.
Crown Prince Maximilian nodded with satisfaction to my words.

“After all you know. Now then, a question. Why do you think I, who hates magic, is holding that?”

As Crown Prince lightly raised the bottle, while carefully considering I spun words.

“… The hatred of magic… was a bluff”

If he makes the other party believe he hates magic, naturally it’ll make them less wary against magic, magical arts, and magical tools. Was that his aim.
In fact, this way he brazenly brought in a dangerous magical tool.


Crown Prince Maximilian didn’t answer.
But, going by his satisfied laughter I felt what I said is correct.

Having silently loosened its cap, Crown Prince Maximilian held out the bottle to me.
I was about to go with the flow and receive it, but overcome with an unclear bad premonition I withdrew my hand.
I can’t, I don’t really get it, but I feel something awful will probably happen if I receive it.

“What’s wrong? Not going to receive it?”
“… No thanks. I don’t know what effect this magical tool may have, so I can’t carelessly take it”

I took a step back.
Without rebuking me, Crown Prince Maximilian closed in the same distance.

“Kuku. So you’ve kept your smarts from the matter before, Princess. I wish you’d touch the bottle obediently though. This is a magical reduction bottle. It’s a magical tool from Sahaja that confines everything that touches it other than the operator “
“That’s right. The size doesn’t matter. Anything… Yes, even people”

At those words I tried jumping away in panic, but the path was blocked by the knight who went around to the back.

“Fabius, treat her politely”
“I understand”

Caught between the two of them, I was slowly cut off.
A magical tool that confines everything that touches it inside. To make me touch it means, this man seriously feels like taking me with him to Sahaja.

“Nobody will think Princess is inside such a small bottle. When the sun sets and Princess’s disappearance gets noticed, we’ll be crossing the border…. Even if I’m in the middle of the enemy grounds, there are countless ways of doing things”
“! The lowest!!”

I can’t believe he’d take me by force even though I said I don’t want to go.
I searched for some way to escape, but being surrounded I was completely helpless.

“Be obedient. Princess. I’m not going to really eat you. I’ll simply be receiving you as my Princess Consort”
“I refuse! Didn’t I say I hate you!!”

Spontaneously I returned a scream. Again I forewent politeness, but it’s not the situation to worry about that.

“Finally your disguise came off. It’s fine if you hate me. I said that last night too, emotions of like and dislike are unnecessary for a royal marriage”

Ah jeez, my words don’t get through to him!!

What do I do, what do I do, I thought so desperately, but I’m not coming up with any good ideas.
Be that as it may, I don’t want to go to Sahaja.
Who’d want so serve such a man.

But, even if I say so, as a weak woman I couldn’t possibly escape this encirclement.
Perhaps I could manage if I could at least use a sword, but unfortunately, I cannot use any weapons like that.
What I want to say is, every single of my hobbies is of the indoors type.

Crown Prince Maximilian brought the botte close to me, who’d been cornered to a place with no escape. At once I reached out my hand to brush off the bottle.
For an instant I felt the cold touch of the bottle. Bad… So I thought but.

“… Huh?”

Being sucked into the bottle – there was nothing like that.

Just like until some time ago, I stood on the spot without a change. Not understanding what happened I looked up at Crown Prince Maximilian in front of my eyes, but he also made an astonished expression.


Saying so he raised the glass bottle in front of his eyes and compared it with me many times.
Of course, I’m not in that place.

“It… doesn’t activate?”

As I understood what Crown Prince Maximilian said, I wanted to spontaneously make a guts pose.
I don’t quite get it, but apparently the magical tool broke down and it seems to have turned into an ordinary glass bottle.
While they were surprised, I slipped through the gap between them and ran with all my might.

“!! Fabius!!”

The knight called Fabius responded to Crown Prince Maximilian’s strict voice.
Soon, I felt his presence on my back. After all, I have a female pace. It’s only a matter of time before I get caught.
Before, I have to meet somebody from Wilhelm. If possible, a guard or royal guard.
But, the knight moved faster than I thought. In the twinkling of an eye he caught up to me. At the time I thought my arm would be caught.

“… Freed!!”

Whom I called on the spur of the moment was not Cain who had told me to call for him, nor was it Father or Brother – it was my fiancé who had been embracing me until a little while ago.

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