Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 102

She and the Chivalric Order Commander

“Lidi, are you okay?”

As Crown Prince Maximilian left, I finally let out a breath in relief. Freed worriedly examined my expression. Embarrassed by it, while averting my gaze I nodded.

Crap, what’s with me.
It’s the usual yet my heart is strangely pounding.

“Ye, yeah. I’m fine. Really, I had nothing done to me”
“Is that so? It was truly within hair’s breadth though”
“Yup, still Freed was in time… Truly thanks for coming”

As I recalled the scene of Crown Prince Maximilian approaching, my spine shivered.
Dangerous. I absolutely don’t want to be touched by that man.

“It’s natural for me to come when Lidi is in danger. Besides, Lidi properly called for me”
“Called?… Is this about the ‘Royal Flower’ growing hot?”

As I asked to confirm what happened, Freed affirmed while wrapping his arm around my waist. I started walking as if prompted.

“Yup. Do you remember the explanation that the ‘Royal Flower’ is a secret art that connects each other? Because of that, the ‘Royal Flower’ can sense when the connected partner is in danger”

It was also the first time for me, I was surprised, saying so Freed pointed at the blue rose on my chest.

“Thanks to this I knew Lidi’s location. But I blundered, I hadn’t set a return point around here. I leapt to the closest place and hurried here… I’m truly glad to have made it in time”

As we stopped and Freed once again looked at me worriedly, my face became hot.
I’ve been feeling like this ever since Freed came to help.
He looks so extremely cool I can’t help but be embarrassed.
So I just spoke to gloss over it.

“… I’d have never thought you’d come, I was surprised”

As I turned my face away, Freed slipped out a chuckle.
I feel it was certainly exposed that I hid my embarrassment.
… Conversely, it’s painful I wasn’t questioned.

“How awful, you didn’t expect me to come? Then why did you call for me?”

… After all it was exposed.
Even though Freed said awful, his voice like sweets was so saccharine, it felt like my ears were slowly ravished.

“… That’s”

I tried to somehow answer the question.
I didn’t call for you. As expected, I can’t say that.
Freed only came because I called for him.
When I mumbled that with my head down, Freed moved in front of me and put my cheeks between his hands. Then slowly matched our eyes. Those eyes were so gentle I felt heat gather on my face again.

“Lidi, no way, are you embarrassed? You’re red up to your ears… Cute”
“I! I am not embarrassed! Jeez, we’re going”

What’s this! Is it tsundere! Why am I acting as tsundere!
I don’t understand what I’m doing anymore. I want to bang my head against a wall.

Not wanting to delve into it anymore, I prompted Freed and started vigorously walking.
Without saying anything Freed embraced my waist once again. Being so close that I could feel his body temperature made my heart pound.
Yesterday we should’ve bathed together, yet I feel his good smell is somehow different. The more I become aware, the louder my heart thumps.
I was so embarrassed I reflexively wanted to scream and run away.

As I endured and kept walking, finally the scenery became familiar.
When I breathed out relieved to be back, Freed started speaking with “First, I want to ask”.

“Lidi, why were you in such a place? I hadn’t received any report from security that you left the royal quarters, I was surprised”

While calmling myself, I stared at Freed.

“I had no intention of leaving the royal quarters? However, while absentminded I left the garden before I noticed…”

Even I don’t quite understand how I reached that place, so I gave only a vague explanation. But, Freed asked back as if he had something in mind.

“… Perhaps you went through a break in a hedge?”
“Ah… Yup, I think I did”

I certainly remember that.
At my words Freed breathed a sigh as if convinced.

“I see… Or rather, good job finding it. It’s quite a complicated place”

As expected of Lidi, as Freed said that with amazement on his face, while suspicious I asked a question.

“Nn? Was there something about that hedge?”
“Actually, there’s a secret path there to the general area. I’ve also used it several times… But, it’s strange. Normally you wouldn’t pass through it, first of all you shouldn’t be able to find it. Nobody can use it, that place is strictly covered with a barrier…”
“Hmph? So there was a barrier”

As I wondered if there really was, I heard a loud sound from the direction of the Royal Palace.


Running here accompanied by several knights with severe faces was the chivalric order commander I’ve met a few times, Glenn.

“Glenn. Why are you accompanied by so many people?”
“Don’t why me!”

As Freed reacted as always, Glenn screamed while coming here.
When he noticed me next to Freed, his expression showed relief.

“I’m glad. Lidi, you’re safe, huh”

Not understanding what he’s saying, I looked questioningly at Freed.
On the contrary, with a convinced face Freed confirmed with Glenn.

“Perhaps it was Alex?”
“Yes. Having been contacted, my brother is also waiting in the office”
“I didn’t want things to get out of hand, but the situation was what it was. It couldn’t be helped, huh”

Saying so, Freed firmly ordered Glenn and the knights who lagged behind.

“As you can see, my fiancé is safe. Soldiers, disperse and return to your posts. Furthermore, in the name of Crown Prince I forbid you to reveal anything about this time’s matter. I will now return to the office. I only permit Glenn to accompany me”

Glenn and the knights took a knight’s bow. While listening to Freed giving them orders, I came to understand that apparently Brother contacted Will and Glenn.
Originally Freed was working in his office, it isn’t strange Brother who was with him would know the situation. Thinking that something happened to me, he’d certainly contact the Chivalric Order Commander and Magician Division Commander.

“Sorry Lidi, but could you come with us? I want to hear the full story”
“Yup, I understand”

Being told so apologetically, I shook my head finding it not a problem at all.
It’s me who wandered into a strange place and caused an unnecessary trouble.
There’s no need for Freed, who came to my help, to apologize.

“It’s okay. I’ll talk properly”

As I firmly nodded, Glenn also added that he’s thankful for my cooperation.

Soldiers dispersed at once, and us three walked through a corridor to Freed’s office. Freed embraced my waist not letting me go, Glenn walked a little behind us.

“I am truly glad you are safe”

Again looking from up close at Glenn, who addressed me with a smile, he’s a considerably good man.
Short black hair with raised bangs gives him impression of cleanliness, his tough features are extremely masculine. His neat thick eyebrows express sincerity.
He’s taller than Freed, his sturdy physique becoming of a chivalric order commander would be irresistible for muscle fetishists.
His obedient expression of emotions gives him a favorable impression, I can see why older sisters wouldn’t leave him alone.

“Thank you. Thanks to Freed I was able to return without incident. I apologize for causing trouble for every knight. I’m reflecting on my lack of self-awareness”

Even if that wasn’t my intention, the fact that I caused trouble doesn’t change. For a moment Glenn made a vacant face at my humble answer, then he lightly shook his face.

“You don’t need to talk to me like that. Please talk with me like you do with Freed or my brother. If I’m the only one you talk like that too, I feel lonesome, as if you want to keep me at a distance”
“Ye… yes”

As he said that with a troubled face with his eyebrows lowered a little, I nodded in a fluster.
Glenn pointed out as I began saying I understand.

“There you go again. Unlike my brother I’ve only got to know you, but from now we’ll have more opportunities to come in contact. If possible, I’d like us to be close but… Perhaps it’s a bother?”

As his face become even more disappointed, I had no choice but to shake my hands in denial.
He looks a little like a despondent large dog.

“Not… not at all”
“Then, please treat me well. I’m truly happy to become close with Freed’s beloved”

I was overwhelmed by Glenn who suddenly showed a smile.

… A, amazing. This is Will’s young brother.

With this it’s the third time we meet, but I didn’t talk with him much the past two times, so I haven’t noticed. Apparently, Glenn is a very talkative and expressive man.

I take my hat off to the high communication ability not at all like his older brotherWill.

“Glenn, Lidi is surprised”

Looking at me, Freed informed Glenn of that while stifling a laugh.
Not understanding the meaning of what he’d heard, Glenn tilted his head.

“Have I done anything strange?”
“No, but probably she’s surprised by the difference with Will. Lidi, Glenn is certainly Will’s younger brother, but as you can see he’s such a man. Could you not be so surprised”
“I, I am sorry”

In a panic I apologized for my rudeness, but Glenn said I don’t need to.
The gentle words spoken to me in consideration and his understanding expression rapidly raised my opinion of him.
He’s a good person! He’s a great person!

I’ve heard about him from Will, but naturally the impression changed now that we could actually talk.
Oi oi, if you had such a good younger brother, I wish you had introduced me to him.
Why didn’t you say anything, Will.

Even so of course I know the rumors about him in the high society.
According to what my rumor-loving friends said, he’s quite a madamkiller. He amuses older women at evening parties, and if they so desire spends a night with them.
He doesn’t look like that, but he’s a staunch playboy.

But, that doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with me, if adults have relationships based on mutual consent as long as they take responsibility for it, I don’t think it’s something to interfere with.
Glenn plays with fire a lot, but I’ve heard he skillfully extinguishes it, there’s no problem if he goes out with acquaintances if he can control himself.
… But, if by any chance my friend said she likes Glenn, I’d stop her with all my might. He’s the type of man who won’t get serious.

“Then again. Best regards, Glenn”
“Me too. Please treat me well”
“Lidi, Glenn uses such language with everyone, so it’s fine not to mind”

He told me to speak casually, yet he himself used polite language, I understood that I scrunched my eyebrows for a moment.
While rubbing my scrunched eyebrows Freed informed me that.
… Yup, could you stop with that excessive intimacy.
The distance is so close my heart is thumping.

“What is it? You made a difficult face. Do you have any question?”

Glenn asked worriedly, in panic I brought up a suitable subject.
I absolutely can’t say Freed’s excess flirting is tough.

“Eh? Hmmm. I thought Glenn must be popular. If Will also had Glenn’s communication ability, right“
“… Well, different people excel at different things”

Instead of Glenn, who for some reason sank into silence, Freed replied.
While nodding to him, I looked at Glenn to see him return a somewhat stiff smile.
A subtle silence set, while feeling terribly uncomfortable we arrived before Freed’s office. In my heart I was relieved to escape this unbearable atmosphere.
Before opening the door, I asked what suddenly came to my mind.

“Hey, Freed. Come to think of it, you aren’t jealous of Glenn?”

Normally he’d be considerably angry.
I’ve been feeling doubtful since he’s been acting too ordinary since a while ago, it’s unpleasant how I’ve come to take his jealousy for granted. But, it’s a fact that he gets angry when I’m with Will.
Freed answered my simple doubt with a wry smile.

“Let’s see. If I had to say, I know his tastes well, something like that. My and Glenn’s taste in women are completely different”
“That’s right…”

That’s why I don’t need to be jealous.
In other words, I’m not in Glenn’s strike zone… is what it means, huh.
Surely for him who earned the reputation of a philanderer from showy madams, I think I’m certainly plain.
I’m grateful because the jealousy is tiresome, but I feel somewhat difficult about it.
My bad. After all I lack curves.
I recalled madams who earned Glenn the reputation of a philandered all had impressive bodies.
I don’t think I want to be seen by him this way at all, but as a woman it’s somehow dissatisfying.

When I sighed, not knowing how to express the complex feelings, Freed patted me on my back.

“Lidi doesn’t need to worry about Glenn’s preferences, right? It’s okay, I won’t look at any woman but Lidi”
“No, that…”

It’s too extreme.
Despite retorting to Freed who declared that clearly, I couldn’t deny my chest tightened a little.
Although I was shocked by myself, for the time being I stepped into his office.

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  1. Awwww I like how Freed is happy seeing Lidi being embarrassed over him. I’m sure it’s reassuring for him.

    Thanks so much for the translation ❤️


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