Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 111

She and the Secret Discussion

The afternoon after I recognized Freed as my beloved (provisional).

With his permission I headed towards the kitchen.
Although I was promised to be allowed to peek into the kitchen, I thought it’d actually take a while. I was surprised to receive the permission so quickly.

“I’ll keep my promise”

I was impressed by the speed of Freed’s arrangements after saying that. I feel I caught a glimpse of why he’s called the excellent Crown Prince.
Exactly as he had said that I can act freely, I received the permission to walk around the Royal Palace alone. It seems he can come to my help right away inside the Royal Palace.
When I tried asking about the garden due to yesterday’s matter, I was bitterly told that as expected I should hold back for a while. Of course, with the place being plenty shady, I obediently nodded.
We had such an exchange, and now I’m walking through the corridors, but surely it’s not just my conceit to feel like the guards are closely observing me.
Glenn also said he’d revise the security, surely among them I’m a person who requires a special attention…. Yup, I reap what I sowed. Let’s pretend I don’t notice.

By the way, I talked with Cain before leaving the room.
Yesterday Cain was strangely in a hurry so we didn’t have the time to slowly talk.
I recalled the conversation some time ago as we once again both reported our situations, and exchanged glances with faces that unconsciously said that it was terrible.

Simply put, apparently Cain received an invitation to become the King of Sahaja’s subordinate from fellow assassins (seems they weren’t fellows though).
Although I still have various questions like when the contact was made, I fundamentally trust him so I’m not worried.
He talks to me when he think it’s the time to talk, like just now. That’s fine, even if he calls me his master it feels like we’re close friends. That’s why I’m not thinking of completely tying Cain down.

It seems my existence got exposed, as Cain said that with a rejected face, I informed him of the Crown Prince asking if he’s well, to which he made quite a complicated face.

“Cain, you’re popular”

As I pretended to whistle, my head was whacked… Ouch.

“I ain’t happy at all. Princess, you too. Look, after all you caught the Crown Prince’s eye”
“What’s with after all? In the first place, that was force majeure!”
“It was the same for me!”

Exchanging glances, we sighed.

“… Let’s stop, we’re getting nowhere”
“… That’s right”

This quarrel is meaningless.

“… And? Are you safe, being invited?”

As I asked during a breather, he waved his hand that I don’t need to mind.

“No worries. I’ll settle it on my own. They want me because I’m from Hiyuma clan. I’ve already made a contract with Princess, I wouldn’t go to their side”

I felt I heard “Kill” when he said settle, but I deliberately didn’t touch on it.
There must be various ways of doing things among fellow assassins. I can’t thoughtlessly deny him without knowing them well, it’ll be too late to regret once Cain falls into a pinch.
At times like this it’s best to believe in his competency and not butt in. Still, just in case I reminded him.

“I’ll be worrying, so don’t do anything unreasonable”
“I know. I’ll put my skills to use to get to the bottom of it. I won’t let Princess be troubled”

I frowned at those words… It’s different.

“You can cause me as much trouble as you want. We share out lot, right? I didn’t mean that, I’m telling you to be careful about injuries and the like”
“Ah… aah”

Thinking it’s cute how Cain muttered it’s that, huh in a strangely bewildered voice, I reached out to stroke his hair… but, he avoided.

“How awful. Why did you avoid”
“Of course I’d avoid! Rather, don’t stroke me! Even if I look like this, I’m 16!!”
“I know. But Cain is cute”
“Only Princess’s husband would be happy being told that”
“Why, why are you bring up Freed!?”

While I felt shaken in spite of myself, Cain laughed with his shoulders shaking, but after a moment he made a serious face.


At his voice I also returned to my previous voice. As I looked at Cain wondering what’s up, he deeply bowed.
I was perplexed, not understanding the meaning behind his action.

“My bad. While I was away you were nearly taken away to Sahaja. It was my mistake to leave your side”

I replied seriously to his earnest words.

“… Raise your face. It’s not Cain’s fault. It was my fault for going into the garden as I please after I’d heard Cain wouldn’t be there in advance. At least I should’ve got a guard. You didn’t do it on purpose, I’m the one to blame”
“Even so. Knowing Princess is a master like that, I left you alone”
“No, that’s why I… Hey, like that!?”

When I raised my eyebrows at the unpardonable words, Cain answered earnestly.

“Princess is quite a troublemaker, right? There really is no time for boredom”
“Wha!? Who is! Don’t say things similar to Older Brother. Anyway, let’s stop talking about who’s to blame. In a quarrel, both parties are to blame. We were both wrong. That’s fine, isn’t it?”
“… You’re generous, Princess. Got it… Be careful next time”
“I won’t do it twice either. Hey, Cain… Can I talk about Cain to others, like Freed?”

Considering the series of exchanges with Crown Prince Maximilian, it’s reasonable to think my contract with Cain has already been exposed. That is to say it’s probably safe to think the King of Sahaja who desires Cain also knows.
Considering Cain was already directly contacted about fetching him, I wondered if it’s alright to still keep silent in front of Freed.
Having heard what I said, Cain unenthusiastically grimaced.

“… Sorry, Princess. Could you wait a little more?”

Absolutely not expecting that answer, I leaked a word of surprise.
At my response Cain apologetically cast down his eyes.

“… Umm, see. As a matter of fact, it was the King of Sahaja who destroyed my clan. For that reason, I dislike royalty and people with high status… Honestly, I can’t trust them”

I opened my wide eyes at what he told me.
I’ve certainly heard his clan was destroyed, but naturally I didn’t know the King of Sahaja did it.
Cain continued talking.

“Of course, Princess is different. I’m grateful to Princess who’s my benefactor. Besides, I know Princess’s husband is a good guy. But, it’s not about logic. It doesn’t matter if I look at it objectively. I understand Princess will be welcomed as royalty soon. But, that Crown Prince is like a symbol of royalty. I don’t think I’d like meeting and directly talking with Princess’s relatives, so honestly I’d also like to remain unknown”

As he apologetically cast his eyes down again, I shook my head.
When I asked Cain whether he didn’t hate people with high status before, he didn’t deny. Come to think of it, he seemed delighted when I decided I wouldn’t say anything to Father.
But, by no means did I think his hatred ran this deep. Still, it may be natural having his clan destroyed by a king.

“That’s why, wait a little more. I know things can’t stay this way considering Princess’s status. That’s why, until I can be convinced, until I can trust them, I want only a little more time”
“… Yup, I understand”

Being told all this I couldn’t insist.
Cain is trying to compromise in his own way. Then I should also display a compromising attitude.

“If Cain can be convinced, that’s fine. But I obtained an important secret! If something like that happens, as expected I won’t be able to hide it, alright?”
“Of course I know that. Besides, I don’t possess such secrets. I don’t belong to a guild now, so I don’t have a source of information”

I tilted my head at his words.

“Nn? What about the subject of Crown Prince Maximilian’s Side Consort?”
“That’s the information I had acquired before coming here. Rather, Princess, you’re too careless”
“… I’m truly ashamed”

I was glared at a little. Regarding this matter, I have no retort.

“… I think Princess’s point is correct, so I’ll endeavor to quickly convince myself. Please forgive me”
“Yup. Umm, Cain. Even supposing I told Father and Freed, I absolutely won’t allow them to use Cain”

I know they wouldn’t do something like that, but I’m sure it’s not so easy for Cain to believe that. That’s why, thinking I need to at least give him a guarantee, I appealed to him with clenched fists, to which Cain’s expression suddenly slackened.

“Princess doesn’t have to worry about that. Besides, Hiyuma clan only serve their master. Unless Princess tells me to, I won’t take orders from anyone else”
“… Yup”
“That’s why, if what we’re doing now didn’t have a form of conversation but an order, I’d have no choice but to nod, okay? If you expressly asked for that――――”
“No, after all it’s different, isn’t it”

I shook my head to deny Cain’s words.
If it was absolutely necessary right now, I might have taken that measure.
But that’s not the case. For now, Crown Prince Maximilian left and I’m staying at the Royal Palace. Currently Freed’s eyes are prudent, I should be able to afford waiting a little.
Be that as it may, I understand I don’t have the time to take it slow.
I’m truly sorry for not saying anything to Freed.
But, even so I want to wait.
Even though I understand it’s a wrong judgement as the future Crown Princess.
No matter how much I’d be accused for being foolish, I can’t do anything that’d disregard Cain’s will.
Because that’s how I am, it really can’t be helped.

“I don’t want to make Cain do what I tell you to against your will. We’re connected by a master-servant relationship, but at the same time I think of you as a friend. It’s natural I’d confirm your will”

Or I wonder if only I think that.
When I fixed my eyes on him wondering how it is, with “Aa” Cain scratched his head while looking up at the sky. I have a feeling his ears reddened slightly.

“Jeez, Princess is seriously bad… I know. I’ll also resolve myself as soon as possible. If you’re questioned before that, you can talk at that time… Is that fine?”

When I nodded, Cain made a slightly astonished expression.
I felt like I heard him murmur natural airhead, but maybe I misheard.

“Really, Princess’s husband has it hard. I feel I already could trust that Crown Prince”
“What’s that”
“Nothing. Then, I’ll be going to granny to ask a little something. You’ll be staying in the Royal Palace for a while, won’t you. Is it okay so soon after yesterday?”
“Yup. Freed is here”

Recalling being helped yesterday, I unintentionally got bashful.
Seeing this situation, Cain shrugged his shoulders with good grief.

“Ah yup, I more or less understand the situation. Seems I’m unnecessary. Then, I think it’ll be unnecessary, but if something happens call me. I’ll come here as fast as possible”
“Nn, got it”

When I lightly agreed, Cain disappeared suddenly like usual.

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  1. Moré than a master-sevant and friend, they feel like brother and sister. Cain being the mature little brother and Lidi being the childish older sister.

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