Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 116

She and Her Sweet Night


A sweet, sweet voice sprinkled with sugar called out to me.
As I turned my head, Freed was looking at me fixedly. His eyes that seemed to be appealing for something were so passionate the inside of my body throbbed――――.


Having eaten dinner, we returned to the room.
I also finished with the bath, so there’s nothing left for later but to go to bed, it’s a relaxing evening.
Of course, it’s just us two here.
I’ve just realized I love him (provisionally), so it’s inevitable I’d be unable to calm down at all.
While once in a while stealing glimpses at him next to me, I was reading a novel brought by Brother on a soft comfortable sofa.
By the way, this sofa, that I also sat on in the morning, seems to have been purchased recently. It’s not something I’m concerned about, but certainly it hadn’t been here when I first came here. The sofa is just perfect for two people to sit on, it shouldn’t be my imagination that it was all sorts of intentional.
Even though I’m behaving suspiciously, fidgetily unable to calm down, Freed isn’t saying anything. When our eyes occasionally meet, he only gently smiles at me as if to ask what’s the matter. When he does that, my face turns as red as it gets.
Honestly, what happened to me.
Freed is too cool, in my head Freed Festival is in full swing.
A foolish scene of a portable shrine is realistically reproduced in my head. It’s not futon daiko either. It’s danjiri.1
What? You’re saying to move the portable shrine slowly?
No no, unthinkable. It’s troubling if danjiri is underestimated. Even if it runs into corners with excessive momentum, it still rushes past them.
Hey, y’all, we’re goin’!! so commands the older boss wearing a nejiri hachimaki2 on top of the danjiri. Happi coats3 fluttering make for a wonderful image, but thinking that my brain came up with it gave me a headache.
… In a sense it’s worse than the Military Uniform Festival.
Due to Freed Festival, in my head thoughts are in a complete disarray. Furthermore, my excellent maidenly filter is working energetically as always.
Khh! Freed is… Freed is so cool it’s difficult to look him in the face.

Let’s calm down――――.
I breathed out as to not be noticed by Freed.
If I had a little more time I could perhaps conduct myself as usual, but it’s too hard for myself, who only awakened to her love (provisional) this morning, to suddenly be alone with my beloved person (provisional).
However, probably tonight Freed is absolutely motivated. I have such a hunch.
Because, his gaze that he’s been directing at me is extremely passionate, and the hand that’s been embracing my waist has been making minute dubious movements.
As expected, if he goes this far there’s no way I wouldn’t notice.

When I raised my face, having my name called by Freed, he softly took the book from me and put it on the desk, standing up from sofa.
Then he held out his hand to me.

“Come, Lidi”

I wavered at the voice so sweet it felt like my brain would melt.
The smile with high sugar content he directs only at me has an outstanding destructive power. The boss in my head bellowed to turn the danjiri.
However, I can’t lose.
I desperately held out.
Of course, I also forced Freed Festival in my head to end.
Withdraw, withdraw. Enough, calm down, me.
Phew, I let out a long thin breath that wouldn’t be noticed.
There there, somehow I calmed down.
… Hm… hmph.
It’s a big mistake if you think I’ll fall for it just because your voice is a little sweet.
Well, I can’t deny it was dangerous.
In the first place, for me who has just awakened to love (provisional) the difficulty level of having sex with Freed right away is too high.
If I was unaware like yesterday, I’d respond as much as he likes, but I want to be spared at least for today. No matter how I look at it, the timing is too bad. That’s why although I’m truly sorry for Freed, no matter how sweet his voice is I had no intention of going, and planned to resolutely refuse him.
And yet!!
I took his hand without thinking, furthermore wrapped my hands around his back.
While hugging Freed I thought.
Huh, somehow he smells amazing.
Sniff sniff, while snuggling to him I smelled him.
Hmmm. Happiness.

“… Good girl”

Ha! What are you doing, me!!
When Freed returned the hug and called out to me, I finally returned to my senses.
Eh…? Why did I do this.
I really don’t understand what happened in that moment.
How frightening the subconsciousness is.
I feel I’ve witnessed the fact that I’m terribly weak to my beloved (provisional) for the first time in a long time. Like this it’s no use… I feel I won’t be able to resist.

“U… um, Freed”

When I brought out my voice despite my confusion, his large hand touched my cheek. His hand was hot, the touched spot felt good.

“Lidi, I love you”

As he softly said that, his face drew near.
When I spontaneously closed my eyes, I felt heat on my lips. Our first few kisses were only pecks, but with just that I felt like I was boiling. I felt so hot as if my whole body had a fever.
I directed eyes at him pleading for more.
What a hopeless girl, Freed wryly smiled seeing this.

“Not yet. Endure a little more”

Urged to open my lips, I obediently responded. The hot tongue I’d been impatiently waiting for invaded my mouth, and rubbed here and there. It violated my mouth with movements more thorough than usual, the pleasure was so great my mind went blurry. His lips and tongue feel amazing. Hearing the lewd sound of our tongues entwining sent a shock through my spine. It feels so good I can only think of kissing now.
Leaving my body in Freed’s care I enjoyed the pleasure he gave me, but before long he parted his lips and whispered close to my ear.

“Is today okay? I want to embrace Lidi”

I could tell my ears got red at those words.
While thinking it might be good to stay silent and let him have his way without expressly saying it, suddenly I recalled that I had concluded to refuse for today.
… Dangerous. Normally I’d nod.

“Freed… Umm, today it’s…”

Impossible for me, is what I’m about to say. Forgive me.
Averting my eyes from him, awkwardly I opened my mouth to inform him, but his words mercilessly blocked it, and before I could utter them my words disappeared.
Once again endearingly stroking my cheek, he said.

“Lidi, I love you. I can’t help but want Lidi. That’s why Lidi, please don’t say such cruel words to me?”

Hit with the slightly lowered husky voice filled with emotion, I felt the invisible part inside me shaken to the utmost.
The eyes filled with desire silently appealed to me. Pierced by his gaze, I obediently nodded to his urging.


Damn it, It was too late when I thought that.
When I came too, he was carrying me in his arms to the bedroom.
Having gently lowered me on the bed, with a smile on his face he slowly leaned forward.
As he moved like that, unaware of it I wrapped my arms around his neck.
Freed’s smile intensified.


When I pulled him towards myself, once again his lips came down.
Different from last night, he repeated passionate enchanted kisses, that reminded me of the deed, many, many times over. At his sweet kisses, my body appealed for pleasure.
Out of happiness, and desire to be touched by him, the inside of my body throbbed.
Realizing that, strength hopelessly left me.
… Yup, apparently continuing from yesterday, I still want to be embraced by Freed.
It’s a shameful topic, but my underwear is already soaked wet from the expectations, I don’t reckon Freed will stop after coming this far.
Even so, there’s just one matter, I mustn’t let it be exposed that I love Freed (provisionally). During the deed, I must be careful not to carelessly mutter something like “Love”.
The status is still (provisional). As I haven’t yet verified it, it’s unforgivable to carelessly utter it.
I strictly warned myself, and finally resolved myself to accept Freed.
Be that as it may, while I was anguished by myself, with his usual skillfulness he stripped me.
Especially since I’m now only wearing a night stole, all it takes is to untie the ribbon on my chest to take it off. Clara who prepared it absolutely must’ve had anticipated the current situation, I thought in a corner of my head.

“Lidi, what are you thinking?”

As if to tell me to not think of anything but himself, while lightly scowling at me Freed undressed after taking off my night clothes.
I was astounded by how happy I was at his off-the-mark desire to monopolize me. For me to be like that, it’s a considerably serious illness.
… Like this, after few weeks, after a month, could I truly have no feelings for him. Could such a thing ever happen.
Suddenly such a doubt arose, but before I could deeply consider it, Freed disturbed my thoughts.

“Look only at me. Who will be embracing Lidi?”

Holding my cheeks in his hands, he fixed his gaze on me. His eyes filled with fever and desire enraptured me.
I spoke the words he desired.

“Ah… Freed…”
“Right, I will. I’ll take off your underwear now. Show me your everything, Lidi… Ah, aren’t you awfully wet? Perhaps you’re hoping for something?”

Having stripped my underwear, Freed spread my legs wide, and confirming that I’m already hot and moist there, deeply laughed. At that moment, love juice overflowed from inside me.
When I turned away my face, that grew bright red, embarrassed by my expectations being exposed, Freed again happily smiled.

“… So much overflowed… After all you’re been hoping for something. Ah, then perhaps you also wanted to do it yesterday?”
“No… um, that… is wro…”

Recalling how I was yesterday, I stuttered. I’d thought he wouldn’t discover it if I’d stayed silent, and yet seeing my easy to understand turmoil Freed narrowed his eyes.

“Really? … I’m happy. I wonder if Lidi was disappointed because you wished for me”
“No… that’s, um”

What do I do. Freed’s voice is incredibly delighted.
My behavior as I desperately tried to come up with excuses while stuttering is extra suspicious.
Jeez, no matter how you look at it it’s already obvious. It’s too embarrassing.
When I tightly shut my eyes overwhelmed by shame, Freed repeatedly dropped kisses to soothe me. As I opened my eyes from the pleasant sensation of his pecking lips, Freed was passionately gazing at me from up close.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice. But I’m so happy… Ah, that’s right, then let’s do yesterday’s share today. I’ll also do my best to live up to your expectations”

1) Types of festival floats 
2) A rope-like headband 
3) Coats worn to festivals

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6 thoughts on “Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 116

  1. Freed has been aware of her attempts to slow down the fun. He is using her hidden (or so she thinks) desires to increase the pleasure. Don’t worry Lidi Freed will handle the situation.


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