Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 118

His Desired Thing


As Lidi fainted while coming, I caught her in my arms.
Checking the time, as expected it’s about time to sleep, so I pulled out from inside her in one go.
I can’t help but be reluctant to part.


Perhaps she interpreted the movement of pulling out as pleasant, although Lidi should’ve fainted she leaked a sweet voice.
I wryly smiled at how my member would react of its own accord to such a voice.
Just how much do I love her. There’s nothing but to laugh at how I was made to realize it.
I cleansed her body with magic, and still hugging her lied down on the bed.
There’s not an ounce of wariness in her, as she’s sleeping with a listless face I dearly and tightly embraced her chest. When I did, soon she began stirring restlessly.
I intently examined her expression to see if she woke up, but there’s no sign of her eyes opening.
While I watched her state, she frowned and ground her forehead against me.

“… I wonder what you are doing”

It seemed fun, so without saying anything I let her do as she wants.
While I observed her, for some reason her face turned sullen. I don’t know what she’s displeased with, but stirring inside my arms she changed her position many times. Perhaps finally finding an agreeable position, she buried her face in the bottom of my neck and showing a greatly satisfied expression drifted off to the world of dreams.

“… Funyuu”
“… Cute”

As she foolishly breathed in her sleep, I unconsciously muttered. She’s sleeping in my arms with an innocent face, of course I’d find her cute.
When I put strength into my arms hugging her, she seemed to smile a little.
Her lips spun words.

“Nn… Freed”

As I realized she called my name while mumbling in her sleep, I could tell my face dyed red in an instant.
Until now I’ve never imagined the sleep talking of the woman I love could have such a destructive power. When I further increased the strength in my arms hugging her, she knit her brows in pain.

“… Sorry”

Noticing that, I relaxed the strength in my arms a little.
Relieved, her body relaxed, and she snuggled closer to me. It may be an unconscious action, but it’s unbearable to be on the receiving end. Even without that, it’s not like I’m fully satisfied.
If possible, I’d like to savor her a little more. To endure despite thinking that, this situation is too difficult.
Even so, I don’t feel like separating one bit.

“Lidi… When will you say it?”

Confirming she’s fast asleep, I asked that.
Today, she responded differently from the start, Of course I noticed it straight away.
I’ve embraced her many times. There’s no way I wouldn’t notice.
Clearly different from before, her voice was sweeter and eyes were tinged with more heat.
Besides, unless I conveniently misunderstood, certainly I could read the same feelings as mine in her eyes. A pleading voice she’d probably only show to her partner seductively resounded.
If she shows such an appearance, I’ll hold expectations no matter what.
Can’t you tell me. That single word.
While thinking that I’d embraced her. I bore deep into her hot slushy inside and released my semen many times.
She happily accepted, and yet she didn’t say it.
Although there were several opportunities to do that, ultimately she stayed silent. I have no idea what’s making her hesitate, but it seems it’s not the time for her yet.
… I’m looking forward to it so eagerly and yet.

No good.

Don’t be impatient――――.
I scolded myself.
I know. I don’t need to put it into words to understand.
I’ve decided to wait. I’ve decided to wait until she falls for me.
There was no falsehood in those words.
Even so, seeing her sweet coquetry in practice, I can’t help but have my expectation raised.

“Lidi… I love you”

I softly informed her who indulged in sleep.
I love you――――.
When thinking about her such words are insufficient.
I don’t need anything else. All I want is her.
I ran my fingers through her smooth straight hair. She, who loosened her mouth seeming to feel good, is just like a pleased cat.
Without getting tired of it I combed her hair over and over, then closely hugged her.

There’s only one thing I desire.
Please, I beg you hurry up and say it. The word I desire.
I requested her like I’m going insane, still I’m patiently waiting.
While holding her in my arms I closed my eyes.

If that time comes.
If she opens her mouth with that feeling, and tells me the word I desire, just how satisfied will I be.

“Lidi, please. Hurry up and say it”

Because I don’t need anything else.
Waiting for that time to come, each moment feels like an eternity.

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