Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! 124

Older Brother’s Everyday

“Aaah, I guess there ain’t anything good”

Holding a bundle of documents I’d received from Father, I went back to Freed’s office.
Ever since my little sister began her stay in the Royal Castle, Freed’s mood has continued to be on the rise.
His infatuation with my little sister is accelerating more and more, in the castle there’s already a tacit agreement to look the other way when seeing these two.
The excessively sugary exchanges they flaunt before one’s eyes are quite damaging mentally.

“To say (provisional) despite that, I can’t believe it…”

When she’s with her fiancé, my little sister’s face is that of a maiden in love.
I never expected to see my little sister make such a face, but there’s nobody who’d believe when told their love isn’t mutual yet at the sight of my little sister, and of Freed’s expression slackening in front of her.
No matter how you look at it, they’re a sweet pair of lovers.
If this isn’t them being sweethearts, what will happen when they are for real. It’s frightening to think about.

“It’s too much”

I reached the office.
With a sigh I opened the door in front of me. The moment I heard the voices, I tilted my head.
I can’t see well with the documents in the way, but there’s Freed and… Lidi?
Tilting my head, I peeked inside the office.
Freed was sitting at his desk, in front of it was my little sister tapping on the desk.
I’m okay with my little sister here. Freed brought her along, and there’s no law against that. In fact, it’s proven Freed’s work efficiency improves when my little sister is here so there’s no problem, but I’m curious about what they’re talking about.
They seem unusual.

“Jeez, that’s why it’s too many”
“Not at all. I also endure a great deal”
“But, no matter how many it is, I think it wouldn’t be this many”
“I wonder? But, it’s not like Lidi really knows the average either, do you. Besides, it varies per person. It’s meaningless to compare”
“Of, course… But”
“What are you talking about”

I hesitantly called out to my little sister.
Surprised by my voice, my little sister turned around, and having confirmed my appearance shook her head in a fluster.

“O, Older Brother. Nothing, it’s nothing”
“Is it though. What, are you actually arguing for once?”

Told that, Freed furrowed his beautiful eyebrows in displeasure.

“There’s no way. We’re not particularly arguing. Our opinions just differ”
“Opinions differ? Is that so, Lidi”
“Yu… yup. Well, it’s like that”

As my little sister clearly averted her eyes, Freed let out a breath.
And said while looking at me.

“That’s right, if you like, try asking Alex. You want to hear the opinion of a third party, right?”

At those words Lidi became visible panicked.

“Older Brother!? There’s no way I can ask him!”
“But, you couldn’t ask court ladies, could you? Alex absolutely won’t leak out this talk, and he knowns the circumstances to a certain extent. I think he’s an adequate person?”
“Ugh… Uuu”
“In the first place, it’s Lidi who brought up wanting to know the average, right? Like this there’ll be no end to it”
“That’s… certainly I did, however… Yup, but you’re right… Got it”

Shortly nodding, she turned her face my way as if she’d decided on something.
With an unpleasant premonition I placed the documents on my desk.
My little sister took a single breath and while looking me into eyes spoke.
Her expression was so desperately serious I tilted my head.

“Older Brother… Say Older Brother, how many times a day do you have sex?”
“… Ha?”

I felt time stop for a moment.
When astonished I asked back unable to understand her words, my little sister dispassionately repeated the question.
I stared at my little sister begging for it to be a mishearing.

“I’m asking, how many times a day do you have sex”
“Uwah, dirty”

It wasn’t a mishearing.
The situation was too much, unconsciously I spurted out.
Just what did my little sister say. My head vehemently refuses to comprehend my little sister’s words.
When I looked at my little sister with amazed eyes, she seemed to take a defiant attitude and saying dirty directed a spiteful gaze at me and made gesture to drive me away.
Is this the attitude to show to an older brother.

“Jeez, Older Brother, what are you doing. It’s because you do such things no matter how much time passes you can’t find even one girlfriend… Ha! Freed, the personnel selection was a mistake! There’s no point in asking Older Brother who doesn’t have a girlfriend now!”
“Wait! Wait wait wait!!”

My little sister complained to Freed while pointing a finger at me.
No, certainly I don’t have a girlfriend now, but that’s not the problem.
What the hell is she saying. This little sister of mine!

“That’s not it. What the hell are you asking about!”
“Because, Freed said to ask Older Brother…”
“Haa? Is it about how many times a day I have sex?”

Unable to believe my little sister who seriously nodded, I shifted my gaze to Freed, to be met with eyes that said not to say anything unnecessary.

“I can’t quite grasp the situation but… perhaps you disagreed about that, is the story?”

As I timidly asked, the two nodded with extremely serious faces.
… My head hurts.
What the hell are those two talking about in the office.
I was about to lash out about their topics, when my little sister complained.

“I think this number of times a day is absolutely too high. That’s why I’m asking Freed to tone down it a little, and yet he says it’s normal…”

What’s with normal. At least I don’t think it’s a conversation to have in the office during a day.

“Due to the individual differences you can’t state that unconditionally. This is normal for me”
“I think it’s absolutely many…”

As Freed nonchalantly answered, my little sister glared at him with scornful eyes.
While listening to such a conversation of those two, I spontaneously expressed my doubt.

“How many times specifically is the normal and many that you’re arguing about?”

We can’t talk if I don’t understand that. It was a simple question, but I could only be astonished by what my little sister said.

“Normal is 5 times. Many is 7 to 8 times. Until morning crosses into double digits…?”

I’m speechless.
… To do it so much. Or rather, is it even possible.
I knew about the strength of Wilhelm’s royalty’s libido, but of course I didn’t know the concrete numbers.
I never would have thought it’s that many.
As I stared at Freed, still shocked, his gaze warned me.
Is this the flow where I’ll be scolded if I answer poorly?
While my eyes started darting around, their conversation continued.

“It’s actually different. That’s how it was in the past. Recently I should’ve been holding it back to 3 times”
“… Recently, huh. But I think it would be better to decrease the daily amount a little more! If the number cannot be decreased, at least make it every other day.”
“With Lidi in my room? That’s an impossible demand”
“Mu. What’s with that. Then decrease the amount of times”
“That too. In the first place, Lidi tempted me yesterday… You were so cute”
“Hey Freed, weren’t that you inducing me! I won’t say anything more! Idiot”
“Don’t be bashful. I was happy”

… It’s fine if these love birds are destroyed.
Why would they force me to listen to this conversation. Rather, did you tempt him, my little sister.
You want to reduce the number of times, so what’s your intention in making a gap for Freed to take an advantage of.
My little sister inflated her cheeks at Freed who turned a deaf ear to her. Freed, who poked them with his finger, looked truly happy.
Ah, of course he would be. Every day, every day doing it so much with his beloved partner, everybody would be happy!
Damn it, explode!!
After listening to their flirting, having grew tired I blurted an uncalled-for thing.

“Then, wouldn’t it be settled if Freed married a concubine?”

Of course, that’s impossible.
Or rather, supposing something like that came up, Father and I would without a doubt crush him. We’ll never let him do something to make my little sister sad. That’s why that was no more than a joke, but as soon as I said that, harsh looks flew from the both of them.

“I’d absolutely hate that” “Anything but that!”

The two of them complained in one voice.
I shouldn’t have said that, in my thoughts I hung my head.
Extremely displeased, Freed said.

“Why must I take a concubine. I want to embrace her because she’s Lidi, I don’t want to touch other women. In the first place, I can only get it up to Lidi, so that’s a meaningless proposal. Rejected”
“… Is that so”

No, I feel like it’s a problematic statement, in various ways… Or rather, he has the nerve to declare he can’t get it up to anyone other than my little sister. I want to call him out on it, but I’m scared that it’s possible for Freed.

“Freed can’t take a concubine. Because I absolutely hate polygamy. B, besides, Freed is my fiancé, I won’t share him with anybody else!”

Following that, my little sister complained with a sullen face.
Or rather, do you know. That line is the same as if saying you won’t hand Freed to another woman because you love him.


Sure enough, Freed happily looked at my little sister.
My little sister, who finally realized the meaning of what she’d said, was visibly flustered.
Her face was bright red.

“No, um, that now was a joke… not, anyway it’s different…”
“It’s okay. I absolutely won’t marry a concubine. I’m only Lidi’s. So be relieved?”
“… Uuu”

As Lidi tried to frantically explain herself, Freed showed an enchanted smile.
Oi, somebody bring salt, salt.
Or rather, I seriously think I should have some at hand.
Perhaps Freed’s sweet smile was too much for her, as my little sister looked at me, and with Come to think of it, my little sister returned to the subject.

“… By the way, Older Brother. About the previous talk. So? How many times does Older Brother do it? It’s a matter of life or death, so answer seriously. Because she isn’t here, I won’t allow not answering”

While scratching my head, I answered to my little sister who drew near as if to not let me get away.

“… Couldn’t we forget about this topic”
“No way. Isn’t it today’s subject”
“… Isn’t it”

I got caught up in my little sister’s hardship.
Now, confess, returning to the topic, she tried to get her blood related older brother to divulge the circumstances of his lower half. When I looked at Freed imploring him to do something, he sent me the usual gaze telling me to read the situation.
… What should I do.
Thinking about my little sister, it’s correct to at least say it’s a little less.
Or rather, I think Freed’s number is impossible not just for my little sister, so I might as well support her in that situation. However, in that case, my boss will be too frightening.
If the number of times of his night enjoyment decreases because of me, I have no idea just how he’ll pick on me.
I understand veery weell Freed will turn nasty to other man when my little sister is involved.
It’s naïve to think it’d end on just being picked on.
Because I understand that, I hesitate from giving careless statement. Sorry my little sister, my body is too precious for me.


When I was at a loss how to answer, the door was knocked on at just the right timing.
This must be the help sent by heavens.
Feeling like I received divine revelation, I didn’t hesitate to hang onto the thin thread.
Before they say anything, let’s hurry up and give them permission to enter.
If the talk diverts with this, hurray. So I thought.
When I saw the face of the man who entered, time stopped for me.

“Excuse me… Lidi? You’re here too, huh”
“Huh, Will? Do you have some business with Freed?”

I could tell my face twitched that Will appeared at this timing.
This is terrible… What a terrible flow.
It’s an extremely disappointing topic, but my little sisters sees Will as another older brother.
What I want to say is, given the previous talk, there’s a possibility she’ll ask Will a similar question.
For Will who loves my little sister, the blow will be too big.
As expected, I can’t let that happen. While I was impatient like that, my little sister happily ran up to Will.

“You’re just right in time. Will, I want to ask you a little something…”

As my little sister struck with more speed than I’d expected, in a hurry I pulled her to me and covered her mouth.
Fast! She decided too fast!!
Probably because she told me, she thought it’s not a big deal.
Such simple thinking is indeed like my little sister, but regrettably her actions are too fast.

“Nn, jeez Older Brother, what!? Let go!”

Shaking off my hand, my little sister glared at me, but that’s not what matters.
No matter what I have to move away from this topic, else Will will be too pitiful.

“No, um, Lidi…”
“Lidi? Do you want to ask something of me?”
“Ah, yup, actually…”

Are you an idiot!!

Even though I specially tried to somehow avoid it, Will foolishly jumped headfirst.
I tried to extend my hand to do something with my little sister, but it was slapped away by Freed who came here.

“Could you not touch Lidi too much. Even if you’re her relative, I feel sick”
“How narrowminded can you be…”

As I said that amazed, Lidi asked Freed.

“Hey, can I try asking Will?”
“… Will? I don’t mind. But is it okay?”

Freed’s is it okay? Is probably a statement out of consideration for Will.
But, completely unaware of Will’s feelings, my little sister readily nodded.

“It’s the same as asking Older Brother. Will is like another older bro to me. I’ve asked for various advice from long ago, so I think another one is fine”

… I beg you, my little sister. Stop with your plain attacks before you get to the talk.
Don’t you notice the words ‘older bro’ casually hurt Will.
Both I and Freed watched Will’s body shake.
Even Freed who’s narrowminded when it comes to Lidi, doesn’t seem to be jealous in the current situation.
Or rather, the man he should be jealous of has already received unforgiving attack by his fiancée.
Jealousy is meaningless.
What the hell is this situation. It’s too chaotic.

“Say, Will…”

While I was lamenting, my little sister immediately talked to Will.
How fast can she be.

“Wait! Wait wait. Got it. I’ll talk, so I beg you please wait!”
“… Eeh. It’ll be faster to ask Will though”

Lidi pouted in dissatisfaction.
Before I noticed, Freed embraced my little sister from behind. My little sister settled down in those arms without any resistance, and looked at me with expectant eyes.
Receiving that gaze, I bit my lip.
Resentment be damned. This is for Will.

“… About three times a day”

I reluctantly nodded to my distrustful little sister.
In fact I don’t do it so much. I wouldn’t do it unless I’ve been saving for a week and the partner likes it very much.
Even so, under Freed’s frightening gaze, I couldn’t give a lower number.
Having been made to half-fraudulently expose the circumstances of my lower half to my little sister, my mental strength has already been brought down to the limit.
But, if Will can be saved by my sacrifice…!

“Three times a day? What are you talking about?”
“Ah, this? I asked Older Brother how many times a night he has sex. Will, what about you?”

I was late… Will, who sent himself to the gallows before I could stop him, solidified from listening to my little sister’s talk.
Unaware that Will is like this, my little sister started carefreely explaining the details of how the talk came to that.
Terrible. My little sister who added fuel to the fire is too brutal.

“… And well, that’s why I wonder about how it’s for others. Freed said it’s okay to ask Older Brother so… Will, what about you? Is it around as much after all? I think it’s a little too many…”

I’m left speechless by my unreserved little sister.
It must be because I decided to speak. Without a hint of bashfulness, my little sister continued talking to the end with a serious expression.
I’m terribly impressed my little sister is like this. But, she doesn’t need to display that here.
Just as I thought, on top of solidifying, Will paled.

“Will? What’s the matter?”

Curiously approaching Will, my little sister peered into his face.
Seeing them like this, as expected Freed had a look of pity.
As ever, she’s good at unconsciously gouging Will’s wounds. I feel like crying.

“… I won’t compare… If two people consent… I think that’s the most important”


Somehow Will returned from petrification, and as he seriously answered my little sister’s question, I turned my face away reflexively.
How should I put it, it’s too heartrending to look straight at it.

Really, why did you have to fall for her.
There are countless other good women.
Why, rather than them, you chose such a disappointing, extremely careless woman.

… Well, even if I say that, she’s my little sister.
And now, the future His Majesty the King who’s also her fiancé is infatuated with her.
Now too, my little sister seems happy, nestled in that His Highness the Crown Prince’s arms.

Aah, it’s painful in various ways.

Without paying attention to the damage he’s received, Will carefully answered my little sister’s doubt.
My cruel little sister, completely unconcerned about Will, Hmm, pondered inside her fiancé’s arms.

“It’s convincing when I hear it from those two? No, we’re talking because I can’t… But, it’s not like I hate doing it every day, I just wish my remaining stamina was considered a little more…”

My little sister. Your inner voice is gushing out.
And with each thing he hears Will’s spirit is whittled, I beg you, notice.
Will is too pitiful.
Or rather, you don’t hate doing it every day. You truly love Freed a great deal.
With my little sister in his embrace, I could see Freed’s humor visibly improve.
Even so, as expected more than that I thought that Will is pitiful. Freed gave a helping hand.

“Lidi, isn’t it about the time to go to the kitchen? Certainly, you said you promised”
“Ah, it’s the time already?”

At Freed’s words, my little sister raised her face.

“I absolutely don’t mind if you stay here. But it’ll be a problem for Lidi, won’t it. Go. I’ll go pick you up from the kitchen again”
“Y.. yup. I’ll be waiting”

My little sister said the last line while blushing.
With my little sister like that, Freed saw no reason to endure, he turned her towards himself and dropped a gentle kiss that only touched her lips.


As expected he wouldn’t deeply kiss her in public, still Freed’s sweet expression and my little sister’s bashful face as she received it, to put it bluntly was something one mustn’t look at.
These unaware love birds. Don’t flirt so brazenly in front of a relative’s eyes.

“Take care, Lidi”
“… Jeez, even though I always say that this is no good… I’m off… Later”

Turning bright red up to her ears, my little sister unsteadily went out.
She didn’t try looking this way. It just wasn’t possible for her.
Perhaps my little sister’s brain was in such a turmoil she couldn’t care about me.

“… Your Highness, I apologize, but would it be a problem if I also withdrew for a short while”

When the bomb cyclone girl finally left, this time Will spoke apologetically.
His complexion looks terrible.
With a similar worry on his face, Freed approached Will.

“We aren’t in a hurry so there’s no problem but… are you okay, Will”
“Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to come back later… Then, excuse me”

Spinning his robe, Will left as if running away.
He must be shocked in various ways.
He surely didn’t want to hear about bedroom circumstances of Freed and my little sister. And at the end he was asked for the opinion by the person he loves, what torture is that. And the kiss was the finishing blow.
Even the unrelated me couldn’t stand the aura of happiness those two exuded.
Will was so pitiful I was lost for words, Freed too as one would expect had an awkward face.

“… We did something bad”
“What is the culprit who finished him off saying”
“That wasn’t my intention. It’s just that Lidi was so cute, I unintentionally…”

As Freed said that he had no choice, being told “I’ll be waiting” with upturned eyes, That so, I returned a dispassionate reply.
It’s truly an inconsequential topic.

“But Lidi’s dullness is truly astounding. It’d be scary if it was on purpose, but it isn’t, no matter how you look at it”

As Freed changed the topic somewhat shocked, I shook my head. As if she could act so shrewdly.

“… There’s no way it’d be on purpose. When it comes to Will, he’s completely outside her consideration. He’s like family, or perhaps I should say, she views him like an older brother. That’s why she can consult anything and everything with him. It only looks like she wants to destroy Will by any means possible”
“I’m sorry for Will, but I’m saved with this. After seeing such an exchange, it ended without any strange jealousy”
“Ah, as one would expect, there’s nothing to be jealous of”

Breathing a sigh, I agreed with Freed.
Now then, it’s about time to start work. When I thought so, saying I forgot to mention Freed turned to me.
Is it just my imagination that his eyes are frightening.

“Alex, it’s about Lidi”

As I tilted my head in confusion, Freed warned me with a serious face.

“I think I’ve said something similar already, but surely Lidi will come ask you for advice in the future. At that time, don’t say anything unnecessary. If Lidi starts saying strange things because of you, I absolutely won’t forgive you”
“U, ugh…”

That’s why he’s scary.
Don’t seriously glare at your close aide.
Freed’s anything unnecessary is of course about bedroom matters. But even I don’t want us siblings to have such a conversation. I’ve already had enough.
As I nodded ambiguously, Freed warned me.

“This is something for a couple to discuss together. I’ll persuade her, so you just have to match the story. Do you understand?”

Seeing my boss with a black bellied smile, I once again thought my little sister was caught by a troublesome guy.

“… Do as you want. If you’re like this, don’t involve me to begin with”

When I said that while hanging my head crestfallen, Freed’s face showed he also was reluctant.

“Lidi brought up wanting to hear a third party’s opinion, so I couldn’t help it. I’d be troubled if somebody strange instilled a strange idea in her, so it was best to have her talk to somebody under me, right?”

So that was this pressure.
Don’t say anything unnecessary, I could only dryly laugh that I correctly understood this silent pressure.
Freed who has a bright future finally took interest in a woman, thinking about his heir it’s a good thing. It should be a good thing.
So why am I so tired. After all, is it because his partner is my little sister.
I leaked a sigh. If this goes, I’ll get into the habit of sighing.
They’re love birds who truly cause trouble for their surroundings.
It’s too much to have the leeway to be amused.
I could finally get to work, but I feel like various things had been whittled from me beforehand.
While sitting at my desk, I muttered with distant eyes.

“Can something good happen to me too”

―――― My spring time is still far away.

Before the next chapter, Author recommends reading extras 2-6 (Her Secret). To avoid confusion, and because we’re in a good spot for that, I’ll translate all 9 extras that were released before this chapter, so please bear with me. Going forward, I’ll be translating next extras whenever I find the spot okay, after passing the point in the main story when they were released.

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