Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Extra 4

Her Secret 3

It’s the simplest thing to prepare.

Because it’s the first time they’ll be eating it, it’s fine if the ingredients and taste are basic.

Carrots, onions, potatoes, and beef.

Cook the beef in red wine, pay attention to not crush the potatoes.

The world doesn’t have curry roux, so of course I had to make it myself.
Turmeric and cumin, coriander and clove. Nutmeg, ginger, etc.
I was saved that I could obtain the spices cheaply.

To make curry powder carefully roast the spices as to not burn them, then age them for over a week.

Then add butter and wheat flour and fry.

Well, this isn’t a cooking comedy so I will cut further details, but like this, through various operations it was completed.

Ah, that’s right, it’s my personal preference, but chocolate was put in for richness.

“Curry rice… is it? What should I say… The color is incredible…”

Thomas stared the plate of curry rice placed in front of him, and once again looked at me.


“Well, don’t be deceived and try eating it. Ask me questions later. The light brown part is roux, I recommend eating it with rice”
“… Yes, if Master says so”

When I recommended it for the second time, Thomas fearfully scooped curry with his spoon.
Lars, who was looking at it, did the same.
Their eyes met, and with a nod they put it into their mouths as if to say here I go.
… I understand the first time is scary, but it’s not such a frightening thing.

“… Delicious…!”

As Lars put it in his mouth and chewed, he muttered only a single word.
Thomas next to him also strongly nodded.

“It’s amazing! Master. I’ve never eaten anything like this!”

Isn’t it, isn’t it.
Despite its appearance, curry rice is an unrivalled dish suitable for all.
At least that’s what I believe.

“How’s the spiciness? I can adjust it a little either way, so I’d be saved to hear your frank opinion”
“It’s just right. It goes great with white rice! This roux… It has a really complex taste… Did you use a considerable amount of spices?”
“The strength of curry is in the spices. I’m thinking of having it sold in this shop, but I wonder? The appearances are like that too, but because it might not suit some tastes, I want you to be honest”

Curry is one of the important home-cooked dishes for Japanese people, but I have no idea whether it’ll suit the tastes of people of this world.
In the first place, cooking in this world is too biased. The number of recipes is small, most of the existing recipes are for western dishes.
There’s precious miso and soy sauce, so I think of putting them to further use.

Wanting to hear others’ opinions, I looked at the five pupils to see them desperately stuffing their cheeks with curry.
It seems like they’re pleased with it. That’s good, however I can’t help but think they should calm down a little while eating.

“… Is this really alright to sell it in our shop”

A spoon was put down with a clang.
After expressing his single-word impression, Lars continued to silently move the spoon until he finished the whole curry.
I nodded that it’s a matter of course. That’s why I prepared it. I’d be a little troubled if he didn’t want to.

“That was my intention in preparing it… By any chance, do you dislike it?”
“That’s not it. It’s a revolutionary dish. It’s different from any recipes so far. Once people try it, it’ll be a big hit. Is it… truly okay to have such a small establishment deal in it rather than the ducal house”
“Ah, it’s about that. Of course, I don’t mind”

As I understood what Lars is getting at, I nodded.
For me, curry rice is a perfect food for the common people.
It can be eaten cheap and is rich in nutrition.
I don’t think the form of roux over rice suits noble dining tables.

I’d thought about it from before.
I would like to open a shop somewhere and spread curry rice to townsfolk.

In my previous life, curry was one of my specialties.
I didn’t use store-bought roux. I used dozens of spices and adjusted the spiciness while cooking.
If I can copy it, I will.
I have confidence that my prided dish wouldn’t lose to those sold in restaurants.

Now that I have the opportunity to introduce it, I want to begin selling it no matter what.
That’s why, as I’ve said many times, I’m not just helping Lars. This is also for myself.

“I think you can tell by looking at it, but curry rice can’t be called much of a noble dish. I want people in town to eat it. That’s why I thought of using your shop, but I wonder if it’s impossible after all?”
“Certainly, it’s a dish for common people rather than nobles. However, the taste wouldn’t be a problem at all even if given to nobles… Or rather, I think it’d be enthusiastically received?”

You certainly have to get used to the appearances, Thomas wryly smiled.
I completely agree with that.

When he finished eating, Thomas asked if it’s really okay to target it at common people and stared at me.
There’s no reason to hesitate.
I decided from the start.
Curry doesn’t belong to nobles.

It’s a food for common people.

“My opinion won’t change. So, Lars? What do you think? I wonder if you dislike selling curry rice”
“… No, I’m honored. Not in my wildest dreams have I thought my shop would deal in an original recipe… It’s regrettable I didn’t develop it myself, but I’ll work with all my heart”

Hearing those words, I spontaneously bowed my head.

“I’m sorry. I’m trying to use your shop for my sake. From your point of view, you’ll be selling something that’s not your dish. I’m sure it doesn’t feel good. Still, I want to spread this curry across the world. I look forward to working with you”


“Raise your face”

As the quiet voice resounded, I raised my head. Lars’s serious eyes met mine.

“It’s us who asked for help first. You responded to that to the best of your ability. I’m grateful and not one bit displeased. In the first place, normally original recipes are kept secret. And you’ll teach us it, and have townsfolk eat it… If you go that far, those who refused wouldn’t be cooks”

Before I realized, around me gathered Thomas and 5 pupils.
Everybody strongly nodded.

“It’s not just to rebuild the shop. Let us also help… Let’s spread curry rice”

It was the moment where everybody’s hearts became one.
I once again bowed my head to everybody. I was filled with gratitude.

“Thank you”

I raised my face and looked around. It’s not the time to be moved forever.
I quickly changed my attitude.

“Let’s get to the discussion at once… First of all is the menu, but at first it’ll only be curry rice. Because everybody has their own preferred spiciness, I’ll adjust it and divide into five grades. As for stuff like toppings we can do various things, but that’s for when we get the ball rolling. First of all, let’s acquaint townsfolk with the dish called curry”
“Can’t we do something about its appearance? Even we were surprised, I think many customers will be put off by it…”

Certainly, curry’s problem is its appearance. I was also just a little worried about it.
But, I’ve come up with a breakthrough solution.

“If they can’t accept it no matter what, there’s a trick of stuffing bread with it to make curry bread. This way they won’t see it and will get to know the taste of roux. However, I think once somebody eats it, the rumor will spread through word of mouth. If it’s known to be delicious beforehand, I think they’ll try a mouthful despite the unfamiliar appearance… What do you think?”
“Right, I think that insight isn’t wrong. Information from acquaintances is trustworthy, first we should think about making them eat. I’m also curious about this curry bread…”
“Are you? Then, let’s make it together. Let’s feed it to people who line up for sampling instead, or maybe we could sell it as a takeout”

Prepare a takeout entrance and sell curry bread there.
People who can’t eat inside will have an opportunity to taste it, I feel it’s worth trying.

“What about the price? … I think we can set it quite high saying it’s an original recipe”

It’s a reasonable question, but I shook my head.
There’s no point if the price is set high.
Then, only those who have money, nobles and wealthy merchants could eat it.
I don’t intend to discriminate like that, and I’ve heard the shop was brimming with people at noon.
As I agreed to have the rebuilding left to me, I want it to be a place where many people gather.

“It’s meaningless if townsfolk can’t eat it. The prices will be adequate for lunch. In fact, even like this curry will recover its expenses”
“… Then can we set them lower than the baron’s shop?”

I returned a wry smile at the implications hidden in his words.
Come to think of it, the baron did this to crush this shop.

“No. Such a rivalry is no good. If it continues it’ll turn into mutual price competition, ultimately it’ll only end at the mutual destruction. They are they. Let’s act without minding them. Besides we have the draw of our original recipe, I think we can sufficiently compete even without unreasonably lowering prices”
“You’re right… Sorry. I was about to repeat the same mistake. But I want to hear one thing… Supposing the baron gets in the way, what will we do?”

I answered the natural doubt with a prepared answer.
I’ve studied Baron Wire’s ways before coming here. There is no problem.

“For now it’s alright. With Baron’s modus operandi, he shouldn’t make a move at least until the store is reopened. Because his purpose is to drown you in debt and obtain you in exchange for taking the debt over. Won’t he celebrate you rebuilding the store as it’d drive you in debt? There’s no way he’ll think that an original dish is behind it, so he should continue observing for a while”
“Certainly, you’re right. I’m convinced. Alright, then give the instructions. Let’s get started right away”

As Lars up from the chair, he energetically fixed his eyes at me.
His determination and spirit were transmitted.
I rolled my sleeves and clenched my fists.

“Yeah. Let’s do it. First of all, I’ll teach Lars the curry recipe and have him make curry based on it. You guys too. There’s a mountain of things to do, so I’ll put you to work at once!”

First of all, I gave simple work to the five who vigorously replied, then faced Thomas.

“Because I will be teaching the recipe now, I can’t operate the kitchen. I’m sorry Thomas, but I’ll leave my purse to you, so could you perchance arrange the lacking kitchen utensils and items necessary to reopen the store. I want to open the shop as early as possible. I think it’s a bothersome job, but could I ask you for it?”
“Of course! Please leave it to me!”

Everybody started to move restlessly.
Finally the opportunity to spread curry rice has come.
I’ll make it a success to the best of my ability.

Thus, having involved… no, involving various people, the curtain rose on the restructuring plan of a certain small shop.

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  1. The Princess Consort is already helping her soon to be hubby manage their relationships with the economy and personell with her wit, charisma and kitchen spoon. Go Lidi Rock this world.


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