Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Extra 7

Ducal House’s Retaliation 1

Alex’s point of view


I can hear my little sister speak sharply.
Picking up voices from inside the shop by the use of magic, while stifling my laughter I listened to my little sister’s words.

“Aaah, after all she’s amusing”

Baron Wire, who had been completely talked down by my little sister, spat out a parting threat and left the shop as if running away. A few men who appear to be his private soldiers followed the baron.

Having confirmed that, I finally got off my ass.
Good grief, I guess it’s finally my turn then――――.




I’ve noticed that my little sister has been strange since a while ago.
From the start my little sister has been easy to understand. She must be thinking of something worthless again.
Seeing her unable to calm down even during meals and frequently talk seriously with cooks in the kitchen, I could tell right away she’s scheming something.

“Old man, that Lidi is doing something again”

When I came to Father’s office to report that we better take measures beforehand, Father knowingly nodded.
He picked up the documents spread on the desk and handed them to me.

“This is the report I received from our agency today. You can read it too”

I took the documents and scanned over them.
As I read what was written there, the content was so excessive my jaw dropped. How should I put it… It’s too absurd.

“Ha…? Original recipe?? Again?”
“That’s right. The name of the new recipe Lidi developed is ‘curry rice’. It seems to be an addictive mix of novel ideas and flavors. It’s a completely new dish never seen before. It has already obtained the support of many people, at present it’s turned into a big trend in town”
“What’s with that…”

When I shook my head, unable to believe the overly nonsensical story, Father again frowned.
I thought she was doing something, but to develop an original recipe again?
I could only be at a loss for words that inventing an original recipe, that would be a one in a lifetime achievement for a cook, easily came to my little sister multiple times.

“I knew Lidi has a talent for cooking ever since the daifuku matter. Apparently, she had another recipe. Using it, she intends to rebuild a shop shut down by Baron Wire”

I don’t understand the meaning of Father’s words. No, rather I don’t want to understand.
Unconsciously I scratched my head.

“Isn’t Baron Wire that disgusting old hyena. Why is the name Baron Wire coming out again?”

Baron Wire.
He’s old lecherous gourmet whose favorite food are sweets, recently he’s been buttering up to me and Father aiming at ‘daifuku’.
The suspicious rumors about that old geezer don’t stop, but since he doesn’t cause trouble on surface, there’s nothing for the investigators to grasp at.
However, that’s only on the surface, if we got serious there’d be countless methods.
Because he wasn’t high on the priority list, we left him alone for now.

Wanting to know how that old geezer and my little sister are connected, I carefully read through the documents.
Reading them left me exhausted.

She was asked to rebuild the shop shut down by Baron Wire, and with the original recipe in hand assumed the shop’s ownership… At the present, curry rice is the rage in town, as a result she caught the baron’s eye – I was dumbfounded by the scrupulously recorded truth.

Really, what the hell is she doing.

It’s beyond unexpected… It makes me laugh.

“Ku… Kukuku… Crap… That Lidi, hahaha! She’s really amusing! Jeez, I can only laugh”

A duke’s daughter being the owner of a restaurant in town… Who in the world could imagine that.
I couldn’t stop laughing at my little sister’s usual energy.
Contrary to me, Father didn’t relax his bitter face.

“It’s not a laughing matter. However, the money Lidi used was her own. She didn’t use the power of our ducal house at all. She seems to intend to take the responsibility, so for the time being I decided to watch the situation”

While wiping the tears of amusement that welled up, I confirmed with Father.

“Is it fine with the new original recipe”
“It’s regrettable, but Lidi apparently wants to spread ‘curry rice’ to public. The intentions of original recipe owners are unquestionable. Besides, Lidi already gave the ownership of ‘daifuku’ to our ducal house. I think it’s fine if she does as she wants with the ‘curry rice’ recipe”

I nodded to Father’s words. Certainly. It might be better that way.

“The castle town of the Royal Capital doesn’t have any special features. With curry rice’s stimulation the town is bustling, right? Isn’t it wonderful”
“But, that’s why undesirable bugs are following her”
“And that’s Baron Wire, huh”

I flipped the documents with my fingers, and responded to Father.

“Because he professes himself a gourmet, he seems to be employing a considerable number of cooks. He must be unable to ignore a cook who own an original recipe. He still hasn’t realized Lidi is a person of a ducal house, but it’s better to increase the amount of guards soon”
“Got it. I’ll see how it looks from my side”

Come to think of it, Father breathed out a request.

“Be careful around Lidi. That child… thinks it hasn’t been exposed yet”
“… It’s the same as ever, isn’t it”

This time too she’s feigning innocence.
Even though it’s been long exposed to all family members, my dull little sister hasn’t noticed at all.
Because it’s interesting how she desperately tries to conceal things, until she herself notices, I’ll say nothing and observe her with lukewarm eyes, still she completely hasn’t noticed that.

Right, in any case my little sister is dull. It’s true for everyday matters, but it’s especially true for romance.
I’m impressed watching from the side, but I have no way to describe what a miracle it is that my little sister completely ignores the pure heart of the man – Will who’s had unrequited love for her for many years.
Will who won’t say it is also at fault, but I think she should notice already.
But, that’s an impossible hope. Because she’s Lidi.

Although I was utterly amazed, I received the necessary materials from Father and left the room.
Good grief, I also need to do various preparations.




A few days later, I received another report.

Just as I expected, my little sister seems to have been assaulted by the baron’s subordinates, but before she noticed they were defeated by Will.

I shouldn’t be the only one who wants to instinctively retort to that report.

“You fiinaallyy saved her, but it’s meaningless if she doesn’t notice! Because that extremely dull girl won’t notice if you do it secretly!”

If he smoothly saved her in front of her eyes, even my little sister may become somewhat aware of Will, and yet that didn’t even cross his mind, huh.
What’s even more surprising is he later seems to have returned straight to the mansion without making any detours.

No, it was a rare chance when they were alone without escorts, right!?

Everybody in our mansion knows Will’s feelings.
Shedding tears that my little sister doesn’t notice his earnest feelings, everybody wants to cooperate with Will.
So naturally, escorts decided to act tactfully. Otherwise, even if Will was there, there’s no way everybody would withdraw.

Nonetheless, Will didn’t take advantage of the opportunity, and escorted my foolishly honest little sister home.
I want to ask him just once whether he really has an interest in courting my little sister.

“Ah, I’m already irritated”

While sighing, I picked up the next report.
On it recorded were Baron Wire’s numerous crimes.
Seeing there were more accounts that I expected, a sigh escaped me.

“Having mistresses, suspicion of smuggling, embezzlement, fraud… Isn’t it a whole lot. He did well to stay safe until now”

I muttered so, but when I saw the word bribe next, I understood.
He passed bribes to the auditors. It’s a characteristic method of Baron Wire who’s rolling in money.

“That’s why reports didn’t come our way…”

But it’s too late.
When my little sister caught his eye, Baron Wire’s fate was sealed.
If he left her alone, he might have stayed safe a while longer, and yet since he foolishly ordered a failed kidnapping attempt, there’s no way our ducal house would stay silent.
With my little sister’s bright and honest character, everybody in the mansions is fond of her. Father might show a strict face, but everybody except the person in question knows he’s actually the one who holds her the dearest.
Even I’m the same. She causes various difficulties that completely put me to trouble, but that’s exactly why I find her dear to me.

Right, I’m not the only one angry about this matter. Father is the same.
There was a kidnapping attempt on his precious daughter. Father’s fury can easily be guessed.
Neither me nor Father felt like ending it a minor rebuke in the slightest.

Of course, it’s nothing but a personal grudge. But, what’s wrong with that.
He has to receive punishment for trying to attack the only daughter of a ducal house.
That we mobilize not the officials of the Royal Palace, but the agency of our house should tell of how angry we are.
Now that it came to this, we don’t intend to miss even the slightest offence.
We’ll reveal everything thoroughly.

Then, having investigated Baron Wire’s crimes even more thoroughly, with the intention to catch him before something happens to my little sister, while eavesdropping using magic on Baron Wire who had entered the shop, I decided to set up an ambush near.




“That lass… how dares she, how dares she…”

I could hear Baron Wire mutter like a small fry. The baron, who without knowing who my little sister is, continued grumbling his pent-up resentment, stopped and before long a creepy grin appeared on his face.

“That lass’s character seems rotten, but she has a truly beautiful face. Her chest is like that, but she has a tight waist… Going by her impression, she’s unmistakably a virgin. I want to obtain her somehow, and attentively expose her deepest insides to my thing”

Isn’t there a way, the baron talked to himself while holding the box of chocolate he stole from my little sister. Unable to endure him saying how he’d violate my little sister, I showed up before the baron.

“Baron Wire…”

When I called out to him, the baron, who was looking down while complaining, raised his face.
When he recognized me, a smile appeared on his whole face. I got the creeps from his disgusting smile.

“Oh, if it isn’t Lord Alexei. What a coincidence to meet in a place like this”

Baron Wire, who was all smiles, tried coming near me.
I stretched my arm to not allow it, and silently intimidated the baron.

“…? Lord Alexei?”
“It has been a while, Baron Wire. I have not seen you in the Royal Castle recently, but It’s most wonderful you are in good health”

Under my silent pressure, even if he doesn’t understand what’s happening, the baron remained on the spot.
He’s a man extremely weak to power. He doesn’t want to intentionally incur my displeasure.

I desperately endured wanting to yell at the vulgar bald old geezer looking at me curiously. Even if it was no more than a delusion, thinking of that damn geezer defiling my little sister, I wanted to crush his crotch.

“A while ago you’ve been muttering many interesting things. Something about obtaining a girl… No, I apologize however I’ve heard it”

As I stifled my true feelings, and broadly smiled, the baron panicked.
He must be aware he hasn’t said anything good. But, it’s too late. The crime of insulting my little sister is the worst possible offense.

“N, no, it’s not something Lord Alexei should hear. I was only talking about a town girl from around here. Leaving that aside, Lord Alexei, about the matter of daifuku that I had asked before…”

The baron tried changing the topic somehow, but I snapped when he brought up daifuku.
Does this old geezer mean to force his hopes on me this late.
I mustered my self-restraint and showed an intense smile.
I’m scared I’ll carelessly yell otherwise.

“… Baron, are you aware of that town girl’s name?”

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