Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Extra 8

Ducal House’s Retaliation 2


Not understanding why I changed the topic, with his mouth wide open the baron shook his head.
A bald old geezer making a face like that looks nothing short of ridiculous.

“The name of the girl you showed considerable contempt for before is Lidiana. My dear, only, real little sister”
“! The young girl from a while ago is… your little sister!?”

I looked unimpressed at the dumbfounded baron who turned pale.
Realize who you tried to lay your hands on.

“As surprising as it is for a daughter of a ducal house, my little sister’s, Lidi’s hobby is cooking. Her skills are at the level of developing multiple original recipes. Therefore, there’s no mistake that the original curry recipe owner is my little sister”
“Ho, however! A duke’s daughter would never be in su, such a place”

I sent an astounded gaze at the baron who shook his head in disbelief.

“My little sister said it too, but really, your investigation was lacking. She wasn’t even cautious. She didn’t change her hair color or disguise herself. You’d find out after a little investigation. Yet you neglected it and decided by yourself she’s a town girl, and on top of that decided to make her your mistress? Do you really understand who you picked a fight with?”

As he realized I had heard their talk, the baron’s complexion turned white like paper.

“Why… do you…”

I thrust a sheet of paper before the baron who gasped for air.

“As you see, I’ve already been granted the permission from my father, the Prime Minister, to investigate you. Judging it necessary, I recorded the whole conversation just now… Naturally, I believe my father will also hear this conversation later”

The baron staggered, and falling on his knees he hung his head.

“I’ve also recorded your statement about mistresses. This alone is enough evidence, but there is a mountain of other things that we want to question you about. Smuggling, embezzlement, bribery, fraud. Ah, I guess there was also blackmail. Your range of activities seems considerably wide, and we obtained the evidence for everything. Let’s go to the Royal Palace even tomorrow. Father and His Majesty will be waiting. I’m sure they’ll hand you an appropriate sentence”

At the words ‘His Majesty’, the baron shuddered.
It seems he absolutely didn’t expect for it to be such a serious matter. But if you ask me, the moment my little sister caught his eye everything was decided.

“The, there must have been some mistake! I haven’t committed such crimes!”
“Haven’t you noticed the word bribery among the aforementioned crimes? We obtained the evidence of that too. We’ve already completed the list of investigators who received bribes from you, you can no longer escape”
“Ah… Aaah”

When I gave him a few names as a proof, Baron Wire flopped on the ground as if his strength left him.

“Why… this late…”

I dealt the finishing blow to the baron who shook his head in vexation.
I don’t feel one bit like holding back.

“I’m afraid to say but I believe this would happen sooner or later. That time only moved forward, isn’t this the outcome you brought upon yourself? If you didn’t become interested in the restaurant in town, perhaps you could extend it a little longer but… you reap what you sow”
“I… I…”

I informed the dazed baron about one truth as if I just recalled it.
This will probably be the most effective on him.

“That’s right. Let me tell you one tidbit. The ‘daifuku’ you’ve always been begging me to eat… The owner of its original recipe is also my little sister, you see?”
“Wha, that lass… no, little sister!”

The baron’s face stained red from the excessive surprise.
Perhaps he sensed my firm gaze the moment he said lass, as he hurriedly corrected himself.
But, the outcome remains unchanged.
I understand veery weell you treat my little sister as a lass.
I’ll properly remember it.

“Thinking so, you did something truly regrettable earlier. But you will never again get the opportunity to visit there. Neither my father nor I will forgive you. Well then, Baron… No, in the future you might stop being a baron. We’ll be waiting in the Royal Castle tomorrow. I don’t have to say what will happen if you don’t show up, do I”

When I directed a firm gaze at the baron who didn’t reply, despite his fear he slightly nodded.
He’s too much of a small fry. Because he’s such a man, all it took was my little sister to harshly talk him down.

“I… understand. I will come to the castle no matter what”
“Yeah, we’ll be waiting. That’s right, let me just tell you, our house will keep an eye on you, so it’s no use trying to escape. Well then”

I said what needed to be said. I turned on my heel and left the baron’s side.
Now then――――.

Several presences behind began moving all at once.
I laughed that it’s too expected.

“What can a single brat do! First of all, I’ll crush those documents! Go!!”
“… Are you an idiot”

Private soldiers who accompanied the baron reacted to the baron’s desperate yell all at once.
But, too slow.
Before they noticed they had already been surrounded by the members of our agency, and were captured in the blink of an eye.
When they were completely suppressed, I looked at the baron with pity.
Probably not understanding what happened, the baron is shivering in fear.
While astounded, I informed such baron.

“Truly foolish. Did you really think I would appear before you unaccompanied by even a single attendant? You better learn to use your head a little more. Right right, of course this matter will be added to others. Well then, I believe we will never meet again, but stay well”
“Ah, Lord Alexei!”

I heard a clingy voice, but I didn’t stop my feet anymore.
Pay for your sins properly.
Vermin that only bring harm must be quickly eliminated.

“It’s over”

That’s what the baron gets for trying to lay a hand on my little sister.
Or rather, his court rank and fortune is already as good as seized.
There’s no future for the damn geezer.

Nevertheless, I thought. That’s being lenient. If it came back to bite us, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Worried about that occurring, I won’t settle down until he’s thoroughly crushed.


I flipped through the documents. Wondering if there’s any good way, I stopped at a certain page.
It’s a list of people who were in debt with the baron and lost their fortunes to the unfair interest rates.
There’s a considerable number of people.

“They must bear a grudge against him… That’s it”

I came with a good idea.

“Giving them the right to judge the baron… might just be amusing”

Yup, let’s discuss with Father.
Hand over the baron to the victims who lost everything to him. It would be a pleasure to let them do as they please with him.
It doesn’t matter what fate awaits the baron afterwards. He reaps what he sows.
If the victims forgive him, it’ll end at him getting hurt, otherwise…

“Thinking about what he’s done until now, it can’t be helped whatever happens. I’m sure he hasn’t heard the words kindness begets kindness”

Today is literally the baron’s last supper.
Since it’s his last time, it’s fine if he eats as deliciously as possible in his mansion.
After thinking that, I felt more or less satisfied.

“… However, that Lidi really will do anything”

Thinking of spreading an original recipe in town, she revealed a corrupt noble.
While I and Father ran around trying to clean up after her, the person herself was blissfully unaware, I can’t begin to describe how good her position is.

“But it’s the same with Will’s matter, can’t laugh at that”

I don’t want to tell my little sister. Old man shares that view.
That’s why we always work in the shadows. To finish everything before my little sister realizes anything.
It’s too much of an everyday occurrence, before we noticed we’d only been getting better at it.
I don’t even want to think how many times it’s been already.

“With a little sister like you, older bro is struggling”

Still, since it’s interesting it’s fine.
There’s no time to be bored with my little sister on my side.
Please excuse me for leading you by the nose each time, but it’s just right for me.
My little sister is perfect for me. Her personality is unusual for a noble young lady, but I’m really glad to have such a woman as my little sister. I don’t feel I could get along well with a normal noble young lady, even if she was my blood relative.
That’s why I hold my little sister who’s like that dear and want to cherish her.

And I thought a little. Just what kind of man will that reckless little sister of mine marry.
She’s already 16. It wouldn’t be strange for her to be engaged or married at this age.
As things are, I can’t possibly expect Will to propose to her.
Moreover, my little sister will be too much to handle for a man of insufficient caliber.

“… What kind of man will you catch”

It’s about that little sister. There’s no way she’ll obediently marry the partner Father decides on.
It’s scary to think of what big game she’ll catch by herself.
And it’s scary to think that my little sister will lead even such a personage by his nose.

“That’s just how Lidi is”

Saying so I nodded, and felt just a little sympathy towards the yet unknown future husband of my little sister.

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  1. “What big game she’ll catch by herself”

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    Older brother the big game is your own boss hahaha…. 😝

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  2. Yay more Alex chapters ❤️ And lols at him feeling pity over his future brother in law.

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